Monthly Archives: February 2010

Ti double ‘g’ grrr

W00t year of the tiger. Very thankful that I am fortunate enough to still celebrate it with both my parents. I was the first person to enter my parents and my house to bring it luck for the new years! Yippy

GreenBean’s hand made Tiger Suite, courtesy of Kelli Rotstan.

Kelli supplies all of GreenBean’s clothes!


Last weekend I took my dad to go get some sushi. Prior to this he typically eschews the raw delicacy, but he did mention to me that after undergoing 4 surgeries, chemo, and a near death experience, a bit of raw fish isn’t going to be the end of him. So we took him out and he really likes it! Unfortunately some of the sushi is hard to eat because some of it is too tough for him. But we’ll eventually go down the sushi list until we try everything on the menu.

My dad with his ginourmous single long eyebrow hair heehee.

Walking to the sushi restaurant. It was a nice place near Sand Canyon called Niko Sushi.

I’ve been on a vintage post processing kick lately. 80’s or earlier.

Ahh yes, an action shot worthy of a 1D sports camera. As my dad screams across the pavement in his walker. Zoom Zoom!