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Early Birthday Present for Dad

Yeah, I’ve been sitting on some family videos of our family Sequoia trip that my friend Gene converted for me from tape. Ever since my dad passed away, I really did not have the strength to view them. I had glimpses, but broke down each time. It’s a 3 day presidents day weekend, and I guess in my down time from work, I’ve been thinking a lot about him.

I’ll just just do some random thing, and then memories start filling in my head, so typically I just pause, smile fondly, then continue on my day. But it’s happened enough these past few days that I think I finally gathered up the courage to go through some video and camera footage. (Which reminds me, I need to make backups of my backups. I realized if things go south and I lose my data in a catastrophic failure. I will lose priceless data that I will never ever able to get back). Note to self. Buy another external terabyte hard disk and backup data).

Anyways, here’s the video I came up with, inspired by Paul Overstreet’s song “Seein’ my Father In Me”.
I find my self saying things, or doing things that remind me a lot of my dad, so this song really touched my heart strings. I guess it’s a universal song, and applies to mother’s and daughters as well.


Happy new Years!

Yup, it’s 01:02, I just got back from my Mom’s place to bring in the new year for the household. It was quite different this year, and I could totally feel it in the air. It was the first year I did it without my dad. And my mom told me when you get two envelopes, that’s when you have two parents around, but not this year =( But at 12 oclock, like with every year since I can remember, the first person to enter the house is supposed to set the tone for the year. I may have messed up, I wished my mom happiness and health. And I really wanted to say more, but I just didn’t quite finish it as I broke up into a few tears. I wanted to wish that she made lots more friends so she could keep busy, but I ended ups saying I miss Dad. and then that I loved my mom very much and hugged. I think I did that about 3 times that night.

Typically my Dad and her clean up the place, but this year I noticed there wasn’t that much of an attempt to clean up. I really wish my mom has a good year this year. As for me, we decided early on there will be some changes in the Le household. I want to make an attempt to simplify life. The house is going up for sale, come hell or shine, as much as I have a lot of memories in this place, I think it’s tying me down. The mortgage alone including taxes and insurance, lets just say is a lot. More than the average bear. And I’m not complaining, I’m grateful I’m in a position that I can afford to pay it, but at some point it’s at the expense of savings, and my family comes first. The future really, not the present. So yes, it is time to cast off these childish things. Forget the view, forget the size that we don’t even use. I’m ready to shrink down, keep the essentials, build up a nest egg, and then come back again fresh.

At least that’s the plan for the year. It’s going to be a roller coaster of a ride, but I hope that work will continue to keep me employed, and that TigerLogic will have a good year so all of us remain employed during these still rough economic times. And I hope my artistic limbs to be stretched some, so that it’s not all work work work.

I’m making good so far on my new years resolution to make more of an attempt to see friends, and I wish everyone a happy new years. (Even my non Asian Brothers n Sisters) =)

-NL 02-03-11