Monthly Archives: September 2009

Round 3. Fight!

Well, we took my dad to the ER this past Sunday. He lost motion/movement in his left extremities, so we thought it was just weak. Well, to be prudent, we just took him to the ER. Rather be safe than sorry. Lately he was complaining about his left eye, vision blurriness, etc. Well, once again, I guess it was a good call. Though thankfully this time, we got him in on his own volition, rather than rushing him in. Turns out after a few CAT scans and MRI’s, there are three tumors in his brain. One 3 centimeters, and the other two are rather small. I just met with the Dr tonight, and he’s going to go over my dad’s file and discuss options with the family tomorrow.

I don’t know, I think this time around, it still definitely sucks, but the sting isn’t as sharp as it was the first and second time around. The fact that he was literally at death’s doorstep, 9 months back was frightening and I think I mentally prepared for it (as much as I can). These extra 9 months has been fantastic, he was eating again, even went for walks. And driving my mom batty, which is always a good indicator of health. So we’re hopeful, and I’m waiting to see what the Dr’s think. Whether or not we should go for surgery, or rounds of chemo/radiation to stave off the bats in his belfry.

But yeah today, I met with the Dr. and as he was talking, I was thinking to myself. Wow, what a wonderful guy. He works clinic until 6, heads home to take care of some errands, then goes back to work at around 8 or 9 to do rounds in the hospital and reads files and cases. I mean, he has no life, and I think that’s a sign of a fantastic Dr. Just someone who genuinely has passion and cares. I almost feel guilty, as I want to bring that passion back into my work.

But I’ve been going to see him every day after work. Bringing a little recorder to record tidbits of conversations, and giving him plenty of kisses and love. So funny, I guess the tumors are affecting his memory. Some things he’ll lose, but others he’ll remember with such clarity. He asked me to re-write a song that I wrote when I was in the 2nd or third grade. Something about a mountain in the middle of the road…and the teacher gave me low marks because she thought it was impossible to have a mountain in the middle of the road. haha, I don’t even remember writing this, but I’m sure I have. Because it’s something I would do. So I guess I’ll try to re-write that song for him! =)