Monthly Archives: May 2008

Organizing 7.3k worth of files

Just finished organizing 7.5k (or approx 67gigs of photos ) from a recent photo shoot into Adobe LightRoom 2.0 Beta. LR 1.4, as far as I can tell was pretty much slow and useless, but I was forced to adapt to change.

My prior RAW workflow program of choice was Raw Shooter Pro (which was bought out and gutted by Adobe). It handled the imports well, it was much quicker than the previous LR. However, moving the images to categories is still painful, so I never bothered using categories (yet).  I’ve posted on their forums to suggest methods of improving their photo organization workflow. Hopefully they’ll take my suggestions, because as it stands, against a few thousand images, their current way of adding data to categories will not work.  So I opted to use the ‘folders’ option and to organize them via directories on the file system. I find that moving files via LR is slow. It appears to take a lot of processing to merely move pointers in the file system. Also an annoying bug is that LR doesn’t understand that just because the file is named the same, doesn’t mean it’s the same file. It had issues moving files into folders if they were named the same. (with 5 cameras in action, there clearly was a high chance that there were files that were named the same). All I got was ‘unknown error’ in LR, and I suspect it sometimes over-rode the files, which meant that I did lose some images. Annoying, but I trust they’ll fix that bug in the future. My reaction to LR 1.4 was that it was good, but would be inadequate to handle my large workflows and files. With LR 2.0, I’m beginning to have faith, that Adobe may pull it off.