Monthly Archives: July 2010


Ever since my dad’s passing, I would hope that he would at least visit me in dreams every once in awhile. Yesterday, after a fun stint down Temecula with my wife, I finally triggered a dream! I think it was because we haven’t driven down to Temecula since our wedding three years ago. And as I was driving down the 91freeway, I thought, man my dad mad this trek down here. And We even turned into the same street where our wedding was because a winery we were visiting happened to be there. Maybe it triggered dormant memories, who knows.

But the dream was entirely in Black and white. I think it was because it signified an era during my life, around 1984 or so when we lived in a tiny little rented house in Santa Ana. The only pictures I have of that era were in black and white, so I think that’s why the dream sequence took place with lack of color. I’m remember bits and pieces now as I try to write it, but I wanted to jot it down before it all faded away, as with most dreams that we have. But I remember walking up to my dad in the house and telling him not to panic, it’s me from the future. They were a bit startled that a strange Asian dude was in their household. I told him I didn’t want anything from him, just that he please please please get his colon checked out in advance later on in life. Don’t wait until it is too late. My mom, in the dream ran into my bedroom to check to see if I was still sleeping in there, and that was pretty much the end of the dream. I just remembered my dad in the dream, just the way I remembered him in real life during that era. Healthy, young, strong and determined.