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Ahh Cars I’d love to drive at least once

I guess every guy has his wishlist of cars to drive. I guess you can argue it’s the vehicle bucket list. Here’s my short list. I find it interesting that Mercedes, Audi, BMW and Lambo did no make my list.

Different strokes for different folks I guess. I guess the types of cars a person likes does tell them a bit a bout their personality. And as with most things in life, things change from time to time, but the core remains intact. I think the main difference between now and 5-10 years ago, would be that back then I really wanted to add the BMW M3 or Ferarri’s on my list. BMW has since fell from grace from me, and haha. Oh my poor wife. I have expensive tastes =)

Not surprisingly, the Yellow NSX tops my list =) **Note I did NOT take any of these photos, they were compiled from the internet. And credit goes to the original photographers.

1. Acura NSX.
The car That Aryton Senna helped fine tune. Basically it forced Ferarri and the rest of the other car companies to up their game. Sadly, it died with the rest of the sports car lines from Honda/Acura due to the economy, but it’s making a comeback.
Reasonably priced. The used market has these listed for about $40-70K depending on the condition. Older 91 models with high mileage can be had for about $20-30k.


2. Integra Type-R
I could of bought this back in 01. This pretty much started my yellow car craze. Phoenix Yellow, was the color. Basically it was my GS-R on crack. More power, better suspension. No AC, no sound dampers.
I’ll see about 1 of these on the road a year, as these are pretty rare. A lot of them were just crashed or stolen. Though come to think of it, I don’t see many of my GS-R’s on the road either for the same reason. LOL, my car made #1 top stolen car list back in the day. I think the Type-R would top that if they weren’t so darn rare. These MSRP was about $25-27K and I think a high milage used one goes for about 8-13K. I’ve seen a pristine one with uber low miles go for about 18k. But I’m not that crazy to buy it, I just want to drive it once =)


3. Honda S2000 CR

Basically my current yellow S200 on slight crack. It isn’t what the Type-R is to the GS-R. But it is a lighter version of my car (sans top it is about 100lbs less). Same engine, but they amped up the suspension even more and aerodynamics. MSRP is about $40k. Only thing that’s keeping me from getting one (aside from the money) is the fact that it is only a convertible, with an optional hard top. And you’ve guessed it. AC and radio is optional. But no one is insane enough to drive in CA without an AC.

Honda S500/600/800
The precursor to my S2000. This badboy had a whopping 50hp. Here’s some history behind it. My wife will kill me if I drove around in it, as I think it’s super tiny. You really can’t get these anymore. Most are either going to be restoration projects, or just plain expensive for a 50hp car.
S500 History

Here’s a pic to get size comparisons.

Porshe 997 GT3

Lists for about $120K
This beast weighs about 2.7k lbs and has about 440HP Non Aspirated engines… Nuff said.

Ferrari F430 Spyder
Just plain sexy. 490HP V8 engine. Runs about 200K. hmm, If I start saving now, sell all my camera gear, and steal from my future kid’s college fund. I may be able to afford half of it!

Ariel Atom the faster one.
This isn’t really a car. Think of it as an go-cart. A really really fast one. Allegedly 0-60 in 2.3 secs. It’s a cool 160K for an engine and 4 wheels. I suppose there are cheaper ways to Die. Maybe buy a motorcycle or something. But if you really think about it. 2.3 secs.. The million dollar (yes Million) Bugatti Veyron, does 0-60 in in 2.65 secs.




I often wondered if if bees ever stop to just smell the flowers, as opposed to ceaselessly working all the time, gathering honey for the collective. The past two months since I’ve come back from my brief journey with my mom and cousins across the country in an RV trip have been very busy, to say the least. So I’ve finally had some breathing room to sit down and update this blog.

We set out on the one year Anniversary of my dad’s passing. It was my first time driving a giant RV, and I must admit it was a bit frightening at times, especially in the city of San Fran. We went to visit my grandma, who passed away one year after I was born. What’s interesting, is as a child, we used to go almost every year to San Fran to visit.


But I was to naive to understand. Even as I grew older, I went to visit out of respect, but I never understood what my mom felt. And that is, the profound loss of losing a parent. After San Fran, we headed east towards Nevada/Utah.



Wherever we went, whatever we saw, I did feel that my pop was with me, and we did see some really beautiful things.
I would love to go back to Zion National Park in Utah again. I haven’t seen much of the rest of the country, but for sure it has been up to this point want of the most awe inspiring places I’ve seen.






I had to cut my trip short though. Only had 3 days off from work, so I left them after Zion to fly back home. However, I knew my mom was in good hands. My cousin’s hubby was more than a capable driver.
They went on to tour the rest of the country, and I called every day when there was service to check up on them.
After looking at their photos, it made me think about an excerpt from a song from the band Death Cab for Cutie.
I always think of my parents when I hear this verse.

You and me have seen everything to see
From Bangkok to Calgary
And the soles of your shoes are all worn down
The time for sleep is now
It’s nothing to cry about
’cause we’ll hold each other soon’


I feel that wherever you go, you take your loved ones with you. Whether it be your wife/husband, children, family, best friend. What you experience, and see through your eyes. How you conduct yourself in life. They are all present, in some form or another. They influence your actions.



The only time I took a pause when processing my mom’s pictures was when they went to White Sands National Park, New Mexico.
It was one of the last few trips we took as a family, with my dad being present. So when I saw that place again, and I knew my mom was there, I must admit, I did feel a small tinge of anger. Not at my mom, not at anything in particular. Just the fact that my father isn’t there in those photos. I felt silly afterwards, but some of the photos I just outright skipped, refusing to look or process that section. I told my mom this and she laughed.


Portraits of my mumsy.