I’m a 35 year old first generation Vietnamese born immigrant who flew into the US when I was 4years old.
Currently I’m a software engineer for an Irvine based company called TigerLogic.

I also freelance as a professional photographer, who enjoys portraits/weddings and am just generally trying to spice things up by expanding into other areas of photography. Most of the blog entries are split into two categories. Aperature, which are photography related entries, and ‘game of life’, which pertains to life, the universe, and everything in it.

Why is the blog titled “GreenBean’s corner?” GreenBean, is a little frog that my wife and I picked up in a shop in San Francisco one year. He’s sort of our traveling frog and goes with us to all sorts of trips. He’s pictured below looking out of a window in Venice, Italy.

  1. Hi,
    I enjoyed your recent post and the photos were beautiful. I’d like to post your photo essay on my magazine. I think our readers will enjoy your journey because of it’s unique meaning to you. please check us out and let me know what you think. -Earthwalkers Magazine

  2. Hi Caroline, that sounds really cool. I’d like to throw in some images from the first entry as well. https://greenbeanfx.wordpress.com/2008/11/04/sequoia-national-park/

  3. Hi,

    I’m working on Scott Elrod’s website http://www.scott-elrod.net. I came across your photos of Scott at Lato Celebrity Poker Event 2010.
    Would like to use your beautiful photos on his website. Is this possible?


  4. Hi Nghia!

    It was great to work with you at Julia and Grace’s first birthday. The photographs look awesome! Do you think you can email me some photos so that I can add it to my blog? I am almost done setting up my blog and want to post it up. Thank you!

    Warm Regards,

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