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simple is better

I had a odd yet pleasant dream yesterday. Odd because as sucky as college was (at the time), in hindsight, it was really fun. Well yesterday, I came home from work rather tired so I pretty much just passed out in bed. I then was awoken to an alarm clock and realized I didn’t sign up for any of my classes for senior year, and if I didn’t get to the campus to take my remaining classes I wouldn’t graduate. So I drove t the campus, said hi to my roomates Tuyen & Hung, then sped off around on my skakeboard around the campus. The dream was interesting though, when you’re there in the present you don’t notice any of the little details. Maybe it’s not that you don’t know it, you don’t really appreciate it. This time around, with my current perspective, as I was putzing around the campus, I took note of the bricks, the architecture. I had my camera with me in my dream, so I was taking all sorts of pictures and just enjoying the scenery. So when I woke up, needless to say I was discombobulated. I wondered what year it was, whether or not I really do need to get to class. Then I realized oh….It’s been 9 yrs after college, and I’m at work now, dealing with sick parents, family and former friends deaths. *sigh* Maybe I’ll find an excuse to take a trip back to campus to check it out and take pics.

1st one down

Well, I heard an interesting rumor today. That an old buddy of mine from grade school (Taft elementary) passed away. It was kind of a shock because for starters he was only 30. Brain hemorrhage, a very random thing, and it just happened all of a sudden. I’m sure there are others in are class that passed away, but he’s really the only one that was within our circle of friends, hence the title 1st one down. I guess I expected everyone I knew to just grow old, and during our twilight years, we’d finally hear news of so and so’s passing, but I just didn’t expect to hear it so soon. I wasn’t very close to the guy during the later years. Though during elementary and jr high, I would come over to his house a lot. He lived about 2 blocks away from my old house. He got into some trouble later on in HS, so I really didn’t hang out with him that much, but I think he did eventually clean up his act and grew out of his ways. Got married, and I got re-acquainted with him on facebook just a few months back. Which was why it was just so shocking to me to hear of his passing. Just wow. I guess it goes to show life is most definitely random, and you should enjoy every moment of it because none of us knows what tomorrow will bring.

take it easy Lee.

I’m a model baby!

haha technically it’s just photo credits, and not for any pay, and well, since I did model in my own photo =)
i’m now a model! (j/k). Someone ran across my flickr photo on alcoholism and wanted to use it for their article.
Here’s the link the the article.
i’m on the lower right. W00t! =)

The ironic thing is I’ve had such a long hellish week+ at work, very hectic work load, that I came home today and decided to pour myself a small serving of Macallan’s single malt scotch.