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KFC memories

My wife got me KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) today for dinner, and I was munching on it alone in the kitchen and just had a random thought of my dad that totally brought a smile to my face. We grew up pretty poor, and I remember I liked KFC back as a kid, so as treats sometimes, my dad would drive me there, and we would share a three piece dinner meal. We’d just sit in the car, and he would watch me much away on my cole slaw, mashed potatoes, and yummy three pieces of chicken (This was back in the day when a three piece meal was actually large vs the pitiful portions they give now). But I just realized now as an adult, he didn’t share it with my brother, we didn’t bring any home….he used what money he had and got me the KFC. And that brought a smile to my face.

Le family Redux 1980

As you rocket towards life, you sometimes don’t spot the little details along the way that shape and build up the character, and the person you are now.


Day at the Beach!

I had the honer this weekend of photographing a family portrait session at the beach. With the hustle and bustle of work, it’s been a long while since I just sat down and smelled the ocean breeze. It’s a shame really, because the Ocean is really so close by from all of us in socal, yet we’re too busy to just sometimes marvel at it’s simplistic beauty.

I really enjoyed jumping in the ocean and rolling around in the sand, taking pics while the kids were playing. There were some sad moments for me though. During the session, I thought about my brother and I, and how their Dad reminded me a lot of my own dad in his youth. The jeans and the dress shirt, was just exactly what my dad would of worn. As cliche as it sounds, it really felt like I was in a flashback reel, where I’m essentially on automatic pilot taking photos, while simultaneously reliving my youth, thinking of my dad, and my own family.

I wish I had pics like this when I was growing up. Funny, people don’t appreciate things until they’re gone. Now any picture I have of my dad, however out of focus or blurry is like finding gold. But when he was alive, those photos were were just sitting there, piled or stuffed in the corners like faded memories amassing dust. Ahh, life is just a matter of perspective I guess.



My brother and I used to be close. We rode bikes together and hung out a lot as children. I don’t quite know what happened that caused a deep schism between us. It’s not that we’re estranged, we’re pretty convivial towards each other, but there’s not much of a connection, other than the fact that he’s my brother.

Often times, I’ll document relationships with family and see how other brothers treat one another, and I must admit I do get somewhat jealous. I think I feel deeply rewarded doing these brief stints and moments with families because I’m thinking 10 to 20 years from now, regardless of all the hardships these two will endure growing up, they’ll be able to look back on these photos, and relive their “day at the beach”. Where life was simple, and dad was holding them in his arms.





But here’s to you dad. I love you, and miss you a lot. Thanks to the Sosa family for allowing me to share few moments of their lives.