Monthly Archives: March 2012

Memory Lane

The bank finally sent me papers, so I’m looking at approximately 100 days left at my current residence.  I think it was a wake up call, so I started to purge, throwing away non essentials.  I discovered a loot of interesting things, fossils by today’s standards.  Old Iomega zip drives, floppy and 3.5 inch disks.  cassette tapes!  It was awesome, and I went through boxes of letters from people that used to be really important in my life.  I wasn’t able to let go then, but I realize now, there are things that I hold so dear to me, I simply can’t let go…refuse to let go.  I ran across my dad’s signature, photos of high school friends, tons of letters and notes.  They all made me smile.  And After I sifted through the items, I packed them carefully back into a box, and hope to take my journey again in another 10 years.  

It’s just so interesting that things that used to hurt, and tear me up inside not don’t even hurt at all.  I guess it is true, time does heal all wounds.  I’m still waiting for it to heal the big hole in me when my dad passed, as I did sob like a little boy in my office during his birthday.  Maybe in 5 to 10 years, I’ll be all better.