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Well, I just realized it’s been about 2yrs since I was gun ho and wrote an article or a review of any kind. I figured one of my friends asked me how bokeh works in a photograph, and I thought hmm…that would be an interesting article to write about. So I figured I’d gear up to write it as soon as I get some equipment together.

Here are links to my past 4 articles that I have on

200MM lens reviews

My experiences with prosumer bodies (note this was written in 2007)

Why I think one should hire a professional photographer for your event instead of Uncle Bob.

Thoughts on workflow

Expect one on Bokeh between lenses very soon!
I’ll do the kit lens vs a CZ 2.8 vs a 35mm 1.5 vs a 85mm 1.2
basically, how they compare and does one really need a super lens to get decent bokeh.