The Walk

“We’re meant to lose the people and things we love.
How else would we know how important they are to us?”
-Eric Roth

It is because we never know precisely when life will be taken away from us, that I feel that we are all on borrowed time. Every once in awhile, we should learn to take a step back from the insanity of work, and truly appreciate the gift of time.


We should stop and take in beautiful colors of the sunset.


Kiss our loved ones a little bit longer.


Hold them a little bit tighter.


Howl and bark at the moon as if every day is your last.


A buddy of mine in Portland found out that Bear, his beloved dog, has cancer. The prognosis was bleak and I did not even know if I was even going to make it up in time to capture some photos. As luck –or fate– would have it, Bear is still fighting the good fight. Some days are better than others, but the good news is, he’s still walking, eating, drinking, and sniffing other dog’s tush’s.

I had the honor of hanging out with them for a short while. I do not have a pet myself, but I have dealt with love and loss by this awful disease, and there are lot of parallels. So I can truly empathize. We do not want your loved ones to suffer, but the selfish side of us wishes they could be here forever. The reality of it is:

Some days, your body is just so tired you just want to do nothing.


Some days are filled with sadness.


And some just full of love, hope, and smiles.


I look into Bears eyes, and he seems a little tired. He doesn’t quite know what is going on with his body, but he knows something is very wrong. The medicine and the drugs probably hurt or make him feel very ill at times. But he wants to hang around to play with his friend Henry just for a a bit longer.



Bear still smiles, hangs around, eats normally and goes about his routine. But I do get the sense that there is an implicit understanding between the two of them. It is as if they know the bond they share will be for an eternity, but Henry knows Bear’s health is giving out and he can’t be there with his friend forever. I think to some degree, Bear knows it too.

Having a pet seems a lot like raising a child. You train them, they grow up with you. They are there for you through good days and bad. You clean after them and feed them, but in return, they provide you with unconditional love, and provide comfort and affection. They don’t care if you are rich or poor. They don’t care what car you drive, they won’t argue with you or leave you.

I got to experience Bear’s warmth and innocence. Watching the two of them interact with one another, I witnessed that unbreakable bond between dog and man.

We went for a stroll around the neighborhood. Bear loves to sniff the flowers, the rocks, the trees. In true Portland fashion, he loves nature.

I felt a bit sad as I pet Bear’s head one final time before leaving. I knew it was probably the last time I would see him. He probably just thinks I’m the strange little Asian guy that followed him on his walk today and wonders why I keep on pointing this odd black clicking device at him.


Bear, I don’t know how many walks you have left in you. How many more times you will feel the pitter patter of rain splashing around your paws. How many other interesting butts you will smell,

or rocks you would uncover. But I do know that Henry will walk with you until the very end of him. And until the very end of you.

And when you are gone, and my memories begin to fade, these photographs will be here to help me remember this walk we had in the rain. And in the 30 minutes I have spent with you Bear, you have reminded me to love life:


To not take things too seriously sometimes.


To smile more often.


To be aggressive and fight for the things I believe in.


To always lend a hand to helpless old Jewish ladies crossing the street.


Hang in there buddy. Both of you.


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  1. Nghia – I’m bawling but this is so true & so beautiful. Thanks for posting. 🙂

  2. Nghia, this means so much to me. I really can’t even express how much. Thank you so much for doing this, and thank you for the kind and heartfelt words.

    You da man, mane.

    • awww thanks guys. I love telling stories via photos. Thanks for letting me share and tell your story Hendry!

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