Epic Zacuto viewfinder fail

So I’ve been mounting my Zacuto viewfinder onto my T2i screen using the tape and mounting bracket they provided. Its been on for a good few months now, and nowhere did they really mention, hey by the way, don’t leave this sucker mounted for prolong periods of time. It will tear out your LCD on the back of your camera. Yes, you read it right, tear out the bloody LCD. I noticed some light leaking through, then when I looked closer, I realized the weight of the viewfinder literally has ripped the LCD nearly out of it’s mounts. I think I caught it in time, I can press it back in and pray it stays, but I’m not too thrilled at spending nearly 400 dollars for a piece of equipment, that literally destroys my other piece of equipment. And the prospect of me spending another 160 dollars or so to get a plate to mount the view finder onto my camera sickens me.

I did some research and this has happened to a few other people out there. Some guy came home and saw his viewfinder on the floor, with the LCD attached to it. So I figured I’d write this as a warning to everyone who’s using a viewfinder, from any manufacturer. DO NOT keep it on for extended periods of time. Gravity is a beoych.

UPDATE: i contacted Zacuto customer support about the issue and they pretty much no questuons asked are send me some support bands that would of run me 15 bucks or so for free. Now that is customer support. I guess if you spend money on a good product, it is what one would expect from the company. But you would be surprised these days. So im glad they are helping out.

Also in other news, more research yields that canon uses a 2 millimeter plastic cover to protec the lcd, which uses an adhesive backing. It is this piece that is falling out, not the lcd panel, so i could in theory get anew cover and adhesive strip for around 30 dollars or so from Canon


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