lilliput 7inch field monitor has arrived

My Lilliput 7inch field monitor arrived today. That was some blazing fast shipping, since I ordered it from Amazon and they ship from California.

My first impression when I opened the box, was wow, this is a pretty impressive unit. Then I picked it up, and my second impression was, wow, this thing with the battery is a tad heavy. Mounting this sucker will require something sturdy. The main reason I wanted to get a field monitor in addition to my Zacuto viewfinder, is I want to be able to pull focus. The viewfinder is great, but if I’m at a strange angle, then it does me absolutely no good. Plus lately, I like to slid my shots, and keeping yourself at eye level to the viewfinder isn’t very practical. The T2i does not output HDMI in full HD while recording, so some of the resolution is lost in the monitor, but I think for pulling focus and framing shots, it will be perfect.

Ordering from Amazon, the VIVITEQ 3rd party seller there ships the unit with a menacing looking mini HDMI to HDMI cable. The thing looks like it could withstand a nuclear blast. So that was pretty cool, plus it comes with all the mounting brackets to mount to a stand or to your camera. Though the mount it comes with is designed to fit above in a flash slot. It looks like this. you’ll require a friction arm to mount. This guy at cheesy cam reviewed the friction arms which I have on order.

I think in the added weight to the shoulder mount is actually a plus, since it will allow for some more stability. The main problem I have with the entire rig, is the fact that I want it to do output both from the back of the camera and from the HDMI output. Which is impossible on the T2i (At least as far as I can tell). The problem is people either use these exclusively through a field monitor, or a view finder, but never both. would love the flexibility to handle both, or at the very least the capability of switching back and forth in a quick fashion. However, the moment the HDMI cable is plugged into the Canon T2i, the back screen goes blank, and the 350 dollar Zacuto viewinder I purchased has effectively become a paper weight.

One annoying thing about the monitor is there is a 4 sec lag time between hitting the record button, and actually displaying on the screen. I’ve read about this, but experiencing it first hand, I’m hoping it will be just a minor annoyance vs a showstopper in the field. Though the really off putting thing about the monitor is you can’t adjust any settings unless it receives a signal. If there are no inputs, you can’t even access the menus, which I find a bit irksome.

So far I’m happy with the monitor. The Ypbpr inputs are really quite useless to me, and the weight of the unit will require a more heavy duty mount.

I picked up a 11 inch Friction arm from to mount the lilliput monitor to my rig. Unfortunately, it only comes with 1/4inch screws, or a flash mount. The diameter of the base doesn’t fit within the 15mm specifications of the rig. So I made a trip to Home Depot, and to my dismay, there’s pretty much nothing that will adapt. So I had to suck it up and order some mini clamps and a 15mm rails to 1/4 screw adapter. Something similar to this. After shipping and all that jazz, my 23 dollar friction arm ended up costing an additional 50 dollars to mount the sucker.


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  1. Did you have problems with your image stretching when you hit record. If so, did you figure out a fix? thx.

    • I think I did at first. I set the mode to 16:9 if I recall and that seemed to help. Though honestly at this point, I don’t use it much. The bigger issue I have is a) weight and b) the usb cable shakes and disconnects more often than not to make it feasible for any rigorous movement. If anything it is regulated to mounting on the side of a tripod.

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