My New Slider has arrived!

Say hello to my little slider.


I’m still pretty busy with work, but I’m looking into a new little video project to shoot. My initial impressions was wow, this thing is solid and heavy. The reason I wanted to upgrade from my existing 24 inches (.6 meters) slider was the fact that my old one was friction based, vs the roller bearing sliders. Friction based ones slide and are contacted to metal. As such, when going at an angle or vertical, it caught sometimes so it’s a bit jerky. The Konova slider is on ball bearings so it’s supposed to be smoother, plus I bought the 1 meter version so it’s a bit longer than my last one. It’s also about 4x the price, but I think I knew going into my first slider that I’ll eventually need to upgrade. I just didn’t want to spend a lot of cash on something I didn’t think would end up being useful, but I find the slider adds a tremendous amount of versatility to your shots.

The slider comes with stands that will allow me to place it on the ground. This is a very nice feature as sometimes I don’t really feel like carrying 2 tripods plus a slider. This will mount to a single tripod, but for heavier lenses I think the dual tripod system (one on each end) will be beter for it.

I’ve done a lot of slider research, and basically the next step up lives in the thousand dollar range and up. Those comes with cranks and motors, etc. But for amateurs like me, I think this is a great mid entry slider at an excellent price point. I did go to home depot and try to make one, at one point. But the price for the materials plus time etc I figured wasn’t worth it. Plus I’ve never made one before, so I’m sure to mess it up, adding to the over all costs.

Looking forward to seeing what I come up with! Next step in my camera setup would be to go with a 15mm rail system so I can mount a follow focus to try to achieve better focus. That and mount an external monitor to help with framing my shots. Over all, I’m very pleased with the unit. I think it will prove itself in the field, and I need to play around with it some more to determine the best configurations, but It’s a 400 dollars well spent.


I’ve shot these two with the existing slider. I think I may end up selling it, or keeping it. The fact is that the small form factor of the indislider, coupled with it’s light weight nature makes it highly portable. Vs the konova slider, which is a bit more bulkier and will require more setup to use properly. The indislider allowed for more spontaneous shots, whereas the newer slider may require some planning and experimenting. Which is fine, I think that’s the direction I want to go anyways, as you want to generally try to be in control the situation, vs the other way around with the random shots etc. I find larger bulkier tools require a bit more thought, setup, and preparation. Which will hopefully allow for better execution. All in theory of course.


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