It’s the end of the world as we know it..And I feel fine

Wow, what a month. Japanese Earthquake, tsunami, and potential nuclear meltdown. Libya going to hell in a hand basket. It’s just crazy out there. There was this one Asian dude who jumped to his death after he found out he was laid off. So yesterday was what would of been my dad’s 77’th birthday. Still odd, we went to visit him today and my mom and I went shopping afterwards. I still do double takes when I see elderly Asian men walking about.

Nothing exciting over here in these parts. Working my bum off, more so than usual. Since my wife’s dying in Law school, we barely spend time with other, so I pre-occupy my time with other things. My video ventures is doing good. My first few ventures into video land have been a success. I think I’m ready to upgrade my software to take it to the next level, but I want to try to land a few paid gigs doing it at this current level before I invest anymore into equipment and time. But I think it’s a good side adventure. Videos, I don’t imagine would be as popular as photos. People don’t watch videos over and over. Once maybe twice. A good video will I think get an average of 10 or more views per year. Not including the initial views from friends/family. Photos, you can print and look at for a long long time.

Anyways, other interesting news. My friend Ken recommend this to me. fitbit seems interesting. It’s a glorified 100 dollar pedometer, but the stats it collects may encourage me to get off my fat ass and lose the weight.


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Photography is what I do =) If you wish to contact for a photoshoot, send me an email or comment on a blog with your info and I'll get back

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