Early Birthday Present for Dad

Yeah, I’ve been sitting on some family videos of our family Sequoia trip that my friend Gene converted for me from tape. Ever since my dad passed away, I really did not have the strength to view them. I had glimpses, but broke down each time. It’s a 3 day presidents day weekend, and I guess in my down time from work, I’ve been thinking a lot about him.

I’ll just just do some random thing, and then memories start filling in my head, so typically I just pause, smile fondly, then continue on my day. But it’s happened enough these past few days that I think I finally gathered up the courage to go through some video and camera footage. (Which reminds me, I need to make backups of my backups. I realized if things go south and I lose my data in a catastrophic failure. I will lose priceless data that I will never ever able to get back). Note to self. Buy another external terabyte hard disk and backup data).

Anyways, here’s the video I came up with, inspired by Paul Overstreet’s song “Seein’ my Father In Me”.
I find my self saying things, or doing things that remind me a lot of my dad, so this song really touched my heart strings. I guess it’s a universal song, and applies to mother’s and daughters as well.

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