1st video!

Been working long hours, and decided at about 4am on Saturday night, that I’d wake up at 6, (a whole two hours later) to let out some stress by seeing the sunrise. So I decided to wake up early, packed my gear, and went on a video adventure. I’m going to amend my Rebel T2i review . So far I’ve been very pleased with the camera. Battery life does concern me however. Going through an 8 gig SD card, it drained my battery down by 1 out of three bars. I don’t know how accurate it is, but assuming I fill up a 16gig card (roughly 40minutes of 1080p 30fps footage), I would have nearly depleted my battery. So I think if I’m going to pursue this with any degree of seriousness, I may have to fork down for a few items.

One thing I found difficult was focusing. Since it’s all manual, I find it hard to see the lcd w/o having have to zoom in. So If I line up some clients, I may fork over the cash for a zacuto Z-Finder magnifier. The problem? It’s about 400 bucks. But It will help with focusing.

I did get a chance to play with my indislider mini, which acts as a portable rail system. The only problem I’ve had is I’ve had to fight my ballhead grip for my tripod. It wasn’t meant to handle the weight + the camera etc, so next time I’ll be more prepared and mount it on two tripods, or at the very least a mini stand. Doesn’t make it portable by any stretch of the imagination, but it will provide me with more stable shots. But it’s the cheapest most affordable rails system on the market aside from the do it yourself types. My only gripe with it is, 21 inches is way to short. I would prefer it it was 30inches or so. If I outgrow this system, I may attempt a do it yourself slider right. But it’s built very solid. I did have to spend about 30 bucks to get adaptors and bushings to convert the stanard 1/4th inch screws to 3/8 inch screws to mount to my tripod.

The results are below:

I can’t wait to start using other lenses in my lineup and work on mini music/videos, short stories. But one step at a time =)


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Photography is what I do =) If you wish to contact for a photoshoot, send me an email or comment on a blog with your info and I'll get back

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