My mom is in Australia for the holidays, she went with a relative of mine and is planning to stay there for three weeks. I think it’s fantastic, it’s the first time she’s traveled anywhere without my dad. I know she loves to travel, but a part of me wishes she was around. It’s my first Christmas without my parents being around. It’s interesting, just the other day I woke up and just curiously looked to my cell phones. Deep down inside I was just hoping for some text or missed call from my mom, and really really wishing there was just some message somewhere from my dad. I know, it sounds silly, I feel like I’m a little boy again and hoping with all my might that I’ll be able to communicate with him. Even if it’s a one way channel.

Which reminds me, a very cool thing happened the other day. One of the lights in my garage went out. They’re the giant florescent lights my dad put up so he can do work in the garage at night. Well the other day they just went dead, and I dreaded having to get new bulbs for them. They’re literally 5-6feet wide. And just today when I went into the garage and turned on the lights, they magically worked again! I know there’s some scientific or rational explanation for it all. Maybe something was loose, maybe somehow the water shorted out the switch. Who knows, but I guess the first thing that came to mind was, haha…my dad loves fixing things, and I wanted to believe that he fixed those lights for me. I sorta laughed to myself in the garage and thanked him for lending a hand. The strange things people do I guess. But I wanted to point out that I’m very grateful for still having a parent. I don’t know what I would do if both of them were gone, but I guess I’m realistic as well.

Another random thought crept into my head recently. We go to my dad’s resting place to give him flowers every week, I think I should also give my mom flowers every week so that she can enjoy them while she’s still with us, vs the other way around. It just makes total sense right? Ahh, I’m getting sentimental during the holidays.
But wanted to give a toast to all the good and loving parents out there. I’m very grateful for their thankless jobs. And I hope one day to be a proud father, so I too can have a thankless job =)


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