5D Mark II Review

Yes I’m a bit late to the party. The truth is, since the Mark II’s release, I never really had the impetus to upgrade my old 5D classic camera. In fact, I ended up selling my old 5D camera, but just recently I had an urge to dive into the complex world of video, so I borrowed my friend’s 5D mark II for a few weeks. Here’s my little review.

The 5D II is a solidly built camera, who’s pedigree came from the xD series of cameras from the Canon prosumer linup. Magnesium body, some weather sealing, and a very (repeat, very very nice LCD screen). The good thing about the LCD screen is it’s so crisp and clear, and of course the bad thing is it lies much more than my other screens. At least on my Mark III, the pictures viewed on that LCD just looks awful, then I’m pleasantly surprised by how amazing they turn out. Conversely, the pics all look great and sharp on the 5D’s gorgeous screen, yet I’m crying when I import some of them to the big screen.

The autofucusing on the 5D II, I must admit is a tad better than the original classic. There’s a bit more lag time though compared to a 1D series body, but that’s really to be expected. The 5DII was never meant to be a sports camera. (Though it can be used as one if you’re very patient). The one annoying thing I find is 21MP. Yes, the files are huge, which makes storing and processing a royal pain. There’s an optional sRAW mode which reduces to approximately 10MP, which may be tolerable, but I haven’t really resorted to that yet. Shooting burst shots on this camera gives your memory card a huge workout. The one area where this camera shines with flying colors is it’s low light high ISO capabilities. I’ve been shooting ISO 3200, and the thing simply is superb. Low noise, just fantastic pics and decent shadow details.

It does better lower light in my opinion than the 1DMarkIII. Granted, the flip side is I’d rather have my 1D Mark III so it can autofocus in low light. Video is fairly simple, it’s the main reason why I wanted to borrow the body. That’s just a whole different beast, the only way I can describe video is, when I’m doing photos, all I have to think about is the angle of the shot, the light, compose and shoot. For video, you have to think about the angle, the light, the camera movement, time, sound. It’s like going from 1 dimensional world,to a 4 dimensional world. It’s simply put, quite mind boggling to the senses. I haven’t really used the video to it’s pull potential, I think I will purchase a T2i to start really playing with video, but I’m very excited about the possibilities.

Bowling event that I shot some video on. My autofucusing skills really suck since I’m so new to it. But I think I’ll get better with time.

I’m still working on my video opus though. Just haven’t found that cool idea yet.
BTW, disclaimer so I don’t get sued. (though quite frankly, I’m not sure if these help). The music on the video is Bethoven’s 5th, rendition by David Garret. Music Copyrighted by David Garret. No I didn’t quite ask your permission to use it Mr. Garret, but this is for a stupid personal video. And I’m broke. Ok end disclaimer.

As for the 5D mark II, on it’s own, it’s a great camera. Would I go out and buy one?
The answer is no. I love my 1DsII for my full frame needs, it doesn’t do half of the things the 5D does, but it’s built like tank, takes great pictures, has both SD and CF cards for backup, and I know I can trust it in the pouring rain. With that said, if I did win the lottery, I would consider a 1D mark IV as a worth upgrade to my older 1DII bodies. But haha, I’ve spent 4k on my 1DIII, there’s no way I’m spending that much cash on another camera again.

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