Fun Fun Week

So I did nothing but work this weekend. Yaay me. I’m soo looking forward to Xmas vacation. Wooo as an added bonus, property taxes are due. I love this time of year. $7.2k It’s like a Christmas present that keeps on getting larger each year. I could of sworn when I moved her 9 years ago, my property taxes amounted to roughly 3.6k. And I remember complaining back then too, haha. Double in 10 years, fantastic new!

Oh and my Mom’s also headed to Australia in a week or so I’m going to want to spend some time with her before she takes off. But I did manage to take a few photos! The only fun I’ve had all week! But I was relatively tired of shooting for other people. When I first started photography, I used to love driving around taking pictures of random things, exploring my world, and trying to create things for creations sake. Somewhere along that journey, I became somewhat disillusioned by the whole thing, I lost my creative spirit. I no longer shot for myself, fiddled with my camera, to fail and to fail spectacularly. That’s what I miss, and what I wanted to revert back to finding my creative spark.
So I started a quest to list common items and try to make them interesting. What I used to do was go to find the worse locations and force myself to find good angles and shots. The theory was it’ll sharpen the mind when doing quick events and I don’t need to stumble around looking for shots. They say the ‘eye’ can’t be taught, but I think it can be honed. Practice, does make perfect. So I asked my friends on Facebook for ideas, and came up with this list:
broccoli, Egg water, fork, asparagus, money, dirt, Artichokes, pomegranate, white paper, ice, candles. Interesting on how these ideas germinate in my head. I think the rule of thumb is follow my instincts.



Broccoli, I had fantastical visions of Ewoks from Star wars, lit by a full moon. I think I knew that would be a it difficult to pull off, and I happened to be setting up my Christmas Town Train at the moment, so that’s where the trees shot came about.



Regarding the egg shot, my mind immediately thought about the yolk in the inside. Red, full of life, and I imagined cracking the egg, showing a huge fissure to the inside. Thinking the idea being impossibly, I set out to do a macro shot of cracked shells, but I figured I’d take a stab at my fissure idea. Turns out some impossible things are indeed possible.



Forks were simple affairs, I cheated. I didn’t quite know how to make a fork in itself interesting, but I knew the properties of the fork. Steel, and defects that we normally do not see with the common eye would make for an interesting shot. I used a MP-E65 Macro lens, the setup was rather difficult. I think I had roughly .075mm of actual depth of field. So it’s fairly razor thin. That makes photographing things 5x rather difficult. As stupid as it sounds, that fork and subsequent pomegranate shot took a good 3+ hrs. Posted is the shot that I went with, titled Fork. It was done with a single pomegranate seed below it for color. The second shot, was more abstract, and I rejected it due to it’s somewhat dark nature. (Don’t get me wrong, I love that sort of thing, but I wanted to try something different, something out of character.

dexter pomegranate

pomegranate fail

Pomegranate was the hardest of all, thus far. The first thing that came was the red juice of the pomegranate running down someone’s neck or teeth or pooling at the belly button. Just some vampire like shot where the seeds were substituted for blood. I didn’t have a model in hand, so I was experiment with plan B. I never liked any of my results, they were quite awful. i experimented with the outside shell, making butterflies or plant scenery with it. But I thought it would be too similar to my broccoli shot. So The end result just came out of happenstance. Cutting the red fruit, buts of juice and items were left on the blade. I focused on the blade, tried a few variants, and eventually I came up with something that satisfied me. The ‘Dexter’ was named after the television series about a serial killer that kills other killers.

I’m also considering exploring video and cinematography. I have a few ideas for short videos, or videos for clients, but photography still holds a huge place in my heart.


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  1. nice work, whats the meaning to life?

  2. Thanks, and the ans. to the meaning of life is ’42’ =)

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