Look what came in the mail today! My OEM wing for the bumblebee. This should take me about 4hrs to install maybe a bit more since I want to do it absolutely right. But the other thing that came is my yellow stitched shift boot. Yes, I feel like a little school girl dressing up my barbie. In this case, I guess I’m all grown up, and my barbie is a 2700lb yellow haired barbie with giant tires.

So the old shift boot looks like this:


A bit plain looking. Well a phillips screw driver, and a few minutes will take care of that. The center console of an S2000 is held together by six clips. You can pull it from the front, or the back, but I suggest the back. It’s much easier that way.


Once you yank it out, remember to disconnect the two pins. (The roof and the emergency lights). A small screw driver should do the trick. Remember to press the pin lever before prying it out.


Ohh yeah, I’ve always wanted to look up the skirt of a shift boot. And here you have the seedy underbelly. Taking off a few screws, and removing some of the paneling allows me to put the new shift boot in. There are a bunch of holes that you need to align the shift boot to. Remember there actually is a correct orientation, so before you put the console back into your car, remember to check. The stitching that is facing towards the driver/passenger should be longer than the yellow stitching that’s faced away from you.



And here’s the new shift boot!


The total time to do this should be about 20-25minutes. Took me a bit longer because I was busy cleaning out the pieces and parts, and adding 403 UV protection to the parts before I put them back in.

Yes technically this is a photo blog, so I’m embarrassed to say I managed to over-expose the shift knob at 11pm at night in my garage. Yes I wasn’t even using a flash. Well, since none of my cameras have flashes and I’m too lazy to put one on, I really am befuddled as to how I managed to overexpose the shot. I think because it was dark, I tried to really get a decent exposure. Anyways, no excuses, I’ll promise to take decent shots of the car during the daytime one of these days after I install the wing!


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