I think I understand now

Why people throw things away for closure. Well not the major things, but simple every day stupid things. For example, the last day at the hospital, I took some of his medicine home so I could stop by later at my parents house to give to him. Well, as we all know he no longer needed the medicine, but it’s been in my possession since his passing, and every time I tell myself to throw it away, I couldn’t do it. I think it made me feel better that I had it, as to remind me of the in the hospital when he was still around.

But today, as I was throwing out the trash, I just chucked it in there as well. I think the reasoning was, it’s medicine, it didn’t really belong to him. There’s no sentimental value attached to it at all, other than the fact that he used it a few days prior to his passing. So as it came tumbling down into the trash bin, I think I just got slammed with a few different emotions…and then it all stopped. There was, just some level of added closure, at least for me. That it is now in the past. Move on, and remember him as he was, not as he was sick. So there you have it. A random thought for the day.

On a side note, woo I realized as our culture writes more and more using an electronic medium, replete with spell check, I realized my spelling has been very poor lately. So this entire post was done without spell check! Yaay! If granted when I did spell something wrong, it did underline it in red for me. But instead of hitting right click and having it correct, I kept on trying at it until it no longer is considered incorrect spelling.


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