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Well today was a very productive day. I drained flushed my manual transmission fluid, installed a fumoto oil drain valve, and changed the oil on my car. And it only took…umm, lets see. 4 hours! haha. Well, the first part was the most important part. Jacking the car up, putting jack stands on, and then I made sure the back wheels wouldn’t roll so I put the wheel chocks, and then I backed up my jack stands with an additional jack. Yes, I’m pretty paranoid, especially since I did read on the S2k forums that a member recently passed away (he was way too young to go). Was working on his car, something slipped and the car pretty much crushed him. Punctured his lungs, was on life support and just didn’t make it. Soo, needless to say, I am pretty particular about safety.

I got all my dad’s tools lined up, the torque wrench, and all that jazz. Lets just say the factory recommends 29lbs/foot of torque on a few of the bolts in the tranny line. I guess the shop guys (I hear they tend to do this since they use super power wrenches) waay over tightened it. Holy spumoni, it took a few tries and all my strength to get that thing off. The second reason I took so long was because I wanted it to properly drain, so I let it sit for about 20 minutes or longer, dropped it so it’s even. Then re-jacked the car up again. Generally dealerships or those Jiffy lube places just do the ‘Wam Bam thank you ma’am’. Plus with this, I know exactly what type of oil is going into my car, what type of filter, etc. Over all I was pretty satisfied. It was kinda fun! I learned a few things, like sniffing the tranny fluid. If it smells bad, or burnt, then it’s definitely time to change it. So I took a whiff of mine, it did have a burnt smell to it, but the color was still good. I think that just takes more experience to know what is right and what is wrong.

The car shifts much better! Next time I need to re-do my oil, I’m going to change the limited slip differential fluid, and then eventually move on to the tire rotation!
Though I think I’ll need to do a tranny flush for my wife’s automatic car, and the same for my integra first. Ahh…Engine components still scare me though. I really need to learn engine basics.


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