manny manitos

so I’ve decided to embark in more manly things! Well, not really ‘manly’ per se, as that’s rather subjective. But since I’ve been making an effort to organize my dad’s tools, I realized it would be a shame if I didn’t learn how to use them. Some of them I remembered when I was a kid! His power drill, and he has this dremel set that he absolutely loves. Well, after realizing we spent too much money on stupid oil changes, and small maintenance things on our cars, brakes, etc. I figured it’s about time I did these myself. I remember helping my dad back in the day, holding the light while he fixes things, or just going out there being curious as to how to do things. He usually guided along the way, so I’ve never really had ‘hands’ on experience (with the exception of oil changes and spark plug changes).

So this time around, I’m on my own. I wish he were here so I could ask questions, but I guess I have to do things and leave the nest at some point! I picked up a ramp so I can drive my car up it. (My dad had 2 sets of these, but I think my mom gave them away to my older brother). My car is so low that a traditional jack can’t go underneath it, so I have to drive it up something first, then jack up the car. I sorta took a peek underneath to see what’s cooking. There’s a ton of stuff in there, but the item I was most interested in was the drain and fill plugs on my transmission. Once the car was jacked, secured, and safteyed with jack stands, I sorta wanted to do a dry run to pick out the tools I’d need. So I have my dad’s other fun tool that he loved. His torque wrench! Those bloody nuts and bolts were in there pretty tight. If need be, I do have his pneumatic air drill, that rocks the casbah!

I remember once we couldn’t get the lug nuts off of a tire, so he said one second. I have just the right tool for this. Whiped out the air gun and bam! The thing just popped open. Granted, it’s like bringing a bazooka to a pistol fight, but hey. Sometimes, you just need a bazooka to liven up our lives right?

Anyways, tomorrow will be the day I do my first Do it yourself car task alone. I’m sure in his own little way, he’ll be watching over me. If all goes well, I’ll do the same for my integra gs-r and them stepping up to the automatic transmission fluid flushes. Woo that one I’m not looking forward to.
But yeah, not a single day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of him. Everything from the foods I eat, to something that just triggers a memory. It’s still very surreal. I have his picture on both my cell phones as the background, and every time I look at it, I just still can’t believe that it’s been 3 months already.

Love you Dad.

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