Happy As a Clam

For anyone who knows me, I’ve been itching for a yellow car ever since I got my first job back in 2001. The Integra Type R came in that yellow, but it was way too rare at the time for me to even find one. So I settled on Silver. Well with my dad’s passing, I guess my wife kicked me in the behind and said I should just go out and get one. We only do this earth walk once, so go out and have some fun. And so the hunt began. After meeting a few people, and posting ads, I finally found a guy that had a 2001, yellow one. But A) it wasn’t the year I wanted, and b) it wasn’t exactly the type of yellow I wanted. But I figured since they’re very hard to come by, (no one in their right mind would buy a yellow taxi car), I figured I’d settle.


The day before I was slated to meet him, very serious to buy. One of the hail mary’s I’ve tossed at a dealership 105 miles away, just out of the blue contacted me. I thought they ignored me or the car was sold. but it was the right year, plus the right color, and to top that off. Very low miles! After I hung up,I had a funny thought slip into my head. My dad loved all things mechanical, and I thought hah! Maybe he was just looking out for me, and knew I shouldn’t get that other yellow. Pulled some strings, and made it happen! Lol. After I signed the paperwork, I thanked my pops.



My wife said she hasn’t seen me this happy in awhile. I said really? Have I been that gloomy lately? Though I guess that would be a rhetorical question. I think I grinned from ear to ear driving it on the freeway today. The thing is so bloody responsive and packs a punch, it’s not even funny.



My review:


It’s tiny…. Because it’s a two seater, it has ridiculous insurance rates, (yes it nearly doubled). The car has no glove box. No coin holder. They barely decided to put a 2 cup holder, but where the cup holder is, if you have a large cup or a boba with a ginormous straw, you can’t really shift all too well because it gets in the way. So the cup holder, really is essentially a place to put your cell phone. The passenger has barely any room. The driver, has…barely any room. The trunk! Haha, don’t get me started on the trunk. Thankfully for this model year, it’s a tad roomier, so I can fit two of my photography bags. It drinks gas like a thirsty camel at a watering hole during a drought. When the top is up, you feel a bit claustrophobic, and hah..the blind spots. LOL. Lets just say I’ll avoid frequent lane changes with the top up.
I still have to get used to the 6th gear, but I’m sure I’ll get used to that really quickly. The other pro is…the car attracts a bit of attention. Nothing says, “hi, look at me.. than a bright obnoxious taxi cab colored yellow car. I tend to park far away from other cars now, and since she’s so shiny, I feel like I have to clean every few days or so.

Also the other con is sun burn. You don’t realize it but with the top down. Since the wind is blowing you stay cool, but woo my first day I was a lobster. I now really really need driving sunglasses. Or I may damage my eyes. You take the whole ‘roof’ thing for granted, in reducing glare and excess light. With the top down, you do feel a bit exposed to the world. Oh and it’s a sports tuned suspension…which means, you feel every little jolt and bump on the road. There’s no creature comforts, or any sound dampeners. Just you, the road…and all the noise inbetween. The other drawback, (I think) are the ridiculouso tires. 17inchers aren’t cheap to replace.

Now on the the pros:

It’s fun… And you push a button to start your car. When you hit the start button, you start to giggle like a little school girl as the engine rumbles to life. There’s a low frequency growl that vibrates your seat. I’ve driven my GSR for about 9 years, and for a 4 banger, it packed a tiny little bit of oomf when you floor it and have the vtec kick in at around 4.5k rpms. Getting into the S2k, and flooring it… well, lets just say I did it with Chrissie in the car and her head jolted back. haha. Going onto on-ramps on the freeway never gets old.

The power band on the S2k is a bit higher, the vtec kicks in at about 6k, and redlines at 8.2k rpm’s (Yes I’ve already tested the red line a few times). But it just picks up regardless of where you are. When you floor it, it’s responsive.
As one person described it, it’s like a motorcycle but with 4 wheels. It handles really well. A real wheel drive with a limited slip differential(for the off chance I end up turning so fast around the corner I end up sliding haha) , and a 50/50 weight ratio (i.e. the engine is towards the center, so it’s not front heavy). I took a turn trying to pass a yellow light and where I pointed the steering wheel, the car just responded. It’s kinda neat. With the top down, you have virtually zero blind spots. It’s like you have a 360 view of things.


I took a spin with my mom today, she said my dad would of loved the yellow. Today though as I popped the hood, I sorta wish my dad was here so he could show me what the heck is going on under there. He showed me a few times in the past, but it’s just more fun to hang out and have him explain things.

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