Ashes to Ashes Dust to Dust

Today, I buried my father at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Cypress. I don’t think I was as sad as I thought I would of been. Yesterday, during the wake, I saw his body for the final time. But it didn’t seem like my dad. My dad is a very warm, smiling, loving man. And all that I saw that was left was the the house that stored his spirit. I’m sure he’s watching over me. Yes, there were some moments of sadness, but I think, and I hope, that he is at peace, and is in a better place. We, the living must try to move on. I did manage to give my eulogy today without breaking down into a big mess. I think my dad would be proud of it.

Late into the night, I saw down where my dad used to sit in my house, overlooking the view of the city, and I while my memory is fresh, I tried to look through his eyes. See what he would of seen. I got a snack, and sat down on the chair, eating, reminiscing… Trying to remember his smell, his smile, his voice. Fathers, are the pillars of the family. They are the foundation that children build themselves around. A good friend once told me, “You can often measure a man by the qualities, and character of his children.”

So I will try to uphold my father’s legacy. To work hard, to be generous to others when they are in need, to help one another. And lastly, though I did not become a medical doctor myself like he was, to take the oath to ‘do no harm’.

Until we meet again.

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