New addition to the family!

Like to welcome a smiling 1.2 kg baby boy! His name is ‘fuzz’. Weighs a ton, but is a full frame 1DsII. Some still regard this bad boy as the reigning flagship of pro-sumer full frame SLR’s. It’s successor, the the 1DsIII is still way over-priced in my opinion. It’s roughly $6.1k ( a 2k price drop since it’s release).

Thanks Tuan…you were sort of the catalyst that brought this about. For photo outings, I typically use a 5D and 1DIII combination. The 1DMKIII brings speed and crazy focusing capabilities to the table, while the slower 5D ads full frame capabilities and general badass image quality to the table. It’s a pretty good combo that I’ve been using awhile.





The full set is at:

The main problem with that however, is kids, and pets tend to do really random things, and to just snap away in series hoping to get the money shot, the slower 5D runs out of buffer space after 9 continuous clicks, you’ll have to wait until memory frees up. (In contrast, the 1DIII buffer goes on for a very very very (read VERY) long time). Why don’t I just use the 1dIII? The drawback is it’s a 1.3x crop camera, so in tight/indoor spaces, it may not be the focal length that I need. It’s a fantastic tool for outdoors and sports.

It happened to me more than a few times, during shoots. The one prior to this was another toddler, but I know I just missed cute moments because I was waiting for my buffer to clear up. Uggg, nothing more annoying than not being able to take a shot at a critical moment. So…I’m retiring my 5D, and saying hello to Fuzz! Though it doesn’t and can’t replace the 1DIII in terms of speed and ISO power, it does augment and enhance the my existing full frame lineup. I’m not the only one with this problem, some wedding photographers/professionals (before the 5DII) came out, used to just shoot with 2 duplicate 5D’s. When the buffer filled up, they would just switch to the second one while the first one cleared itself up.

But anyways, time to see what Fuzz can do! Basically I’ve always lusted after a 1Ds. Now I have an excuse to bite the proverbial bullet =)


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  1. Congrats man! When did you pick that baby up?

  2. ordered it. Few days after amelie’s
    Photoshoot. The stork brought him
    Over yesterday =)

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