One day at a time

So they found two more tumors in my dad’s brain. He went through two radiation treatments this past week. They are done for now, but I assure you, what the T.V. shows don’t show during scenes where they stick patients in those giant metal metal contraptions so that your head doesn’t move, is the fact that it is very very painful. They stick screws in your head and then clamp you down. It was very un-nerving. So far so good, he’s home now resting, but you can hear it in his voice, he’s pretty tired and weak.

In other random side news, I went through my stuff, trying to clean things out and ran across old high school photos. It’s was very nostalgic, as I was reminded of a more carefree time. When we were rebellious, took are parents for granted, and just drove around relishing the freedom and thinking we were untouchable. Ran across some photos of friends that I know are no longer with us, and just thinking how fragile and fleeting life can be. Carpe Diem right?


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