I now have a new found appreciation for moms with baby strollers, or people in wheelchairs. Today I went to the Aquarium of the Pacific (Thanks Jack for the tickets), and had my dad in a wheelchair because it would be difficult for him to walk around all day on his cane. Opening doors was the biggest challenge. Few places have the nifty ‘press the button’ and the doors automatically open.

Usually, I have to rely on the good graces of other people to open the doors for me. On top of that, I was always worried about bumping into things, or people not paying attention and backing up or tripping on top of my dad. Any exhibit that required you to stand up to view, due to a railing was pretty much impossible. Waiting for elevators was dreadful, and I’m constantly on the lookout for access ramps. Things you just don’t pay attention to in every day life, because it simply does not affect you.


I’m thankful that we are in America though. We have handicap parking, and most places have ramps and elevators. When Chrissie and I was traveling through Europe, I realized it is much more harder for the elderly and disabled to get around. The streets were mostly cobble stone, Prague was riddled with hills. Italy required a lot of trains and public transportation. Japan, forget about it, there are just too many people there. Do they do it “Logan’s Run” style and just whack their their elderly and disabled? Where do they all go in other countries? Just staying home I would imagine would quite miserable.


This was a Bell Jellyfish at the aquarium. I named it “Crown of Thorns” because it just looked like a regal crown, with spikey red thorns. This of course segways into
my next rant regarding healthcare. Every other country has a decent healthcare, except for ours. People rant and rave about communists and socialists, but really?
Do their parents use medicare? medicade? What’s social security? I think it’s a great step forward, and the the fear of government controls is unfounded. As if private companies can do health care and social security any better. Does Enron? G.M? the bloody banks and mortgage crises ring any bells? Yes, because private companies are sooo much better at managing themselves. But it is a bit odd that the right wingers who (generally are of the more conservative religious types) refuse to help others in sharing some of the burden of taking care of the needy. Yes, there are people who take advantage of the system, but there are many more who genuinely need the system. I make a decent living, and as my friend Danny stated, we pay more in taxes sometimes than most people’s income. Which is profound, but I know my taxes go back into the system, which hopefully one day I too will be using.

I always thought jelly fish were very beautiful creatures. If there’s anything I’d like to photography that’s wild life related, it would be these guys. I always found their movements very graceful and angelic. This picture of them dancing, reminds me of the cure song “Last Dance”. One of my old favorites, about dancing with your first love, but just from a different perspective.

“I’m so glad you came
I’m so glad you remembered
To see how we’re ending
Our last dance together
But prettier than ever
I really believe that this time it’s forever

But Christmas falls late now
Flatter and colder
And never as bright as when we used to fall
And even if we drink
I don’t think we would kiss in the way that we did
When the woman
Was only a girl”
-The Cure
Fear of Ghosts
Not sure if they look like angels of ghosts, or aliens. But I think they’re both beautiful, nonetheless.

Random red blue fish, I couldn’t think of anything cool to title this one,
so I just left it blank.

Portrait of my Dad. His eyes do look a little sad.

A family photo taken by Steven. Interesting, actually, I would never have thought to attempt a photo of more than two people with a 200mm lens, but that was all I had on my camera at the time, and I was too lazy to switch out. The perspective is interesting, I sorta dig it. You just really need a lot of space in order to pull it off. I guess I’ll stick to using 200mm’s as a portrait lens. Space is a luxury something us photographers usually can’t afford.

My mumsy! People say I look a lot like her.


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  1. I hope you enjoyed the Aquarium.

    Just so you know, the Aquarium long ago hired an ADA specialist who went through the whole Aquarium. It meets all the ADA standards for disabled access. But having pushed both strollers and wheelchairs myself, I can sympathize. The biggest problem is fighting your way through the sea of people!

  2. I totally agree! Most of the time I just give up on fighting the crowds (I can’t complete with agile little kids running around and through the cracks! So i try to find a spot and hope my dad can see from that angle. But that’s really cool, I had no idea they went through ADA specialists to go through the place. You really don’t become aware of things like that until you’re faced with the problems yourself.

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