77!! And finally used my camera again!

Well it’s been a long time since I just went out to take pictures, so a group of buddies and I went down to San Diego to celebrate his birthday.
Speaking of birthdays, my father’s birthday is tomorrow. He’s gonna be 77! w00t! Wasn’t sure if he was gonna make it to see this day, and there were some crazy ups and downs, but I’m goad he made it to 77. Here’s to 10 more years! (I’m not too greedy).

Here is the requisite panoramic stitched shot. I believe it was approximately 6 frames, but I didn’t really want it that wide so I trimmed it some. On a 14mm lens. Note the stupid flare shooting into the sun. I don’t feel like forking up nearly 2k for the Cannon 14mm 2.8, so the Sigma one does just fine. You’ll need to be at F11 or so to get any sharpness out of that lens, but since it’s a 14mm, shutter speed is pretty much inconsequential.

These guys were very cute. These shots were done with a 200mm prime, with a 1.4x tele-converter , and since it was on a 1D. there’s a crop factor of 1.25x so it was effectively a 350mm lens. Interesting thing though, I was next to this couple, and the guy said to me. “wow, that thing must take great pictures”. I really didn’t know what to say to that. I responded with, “It does all right, it gets the job done on occasion.” What I really wanted to say was, yup. It’s magical! Anyone who uses it will take great pictures too! hah..but I didn’t want to be rude, nor get punched. The gentleman was rather large. And could easily have kicked my ass and taken my gas.

This is a shot of Betty while all of us got on the Merry go round (that went approximately 13mph). The thing got me super dizzy, not sure how kids could handle all of that action.

A B&W shot at the infamous Gas Lamp District. I had no idea all this time when I used to go to Comicon in San Diego that the Gas Lamp was right there, so technically yes, I have visited that place before. I just never knew it had an official name!

This was just a cool little crane we saw at the pier area. Looked very Zen and Asian-esq so it intrigued me. This was just shot with a pure 200mm, no teleconverter was used.

The artist village area near the zoo. It was so-so, the artwork was ok, so the only thing I got out of this was the neat yellow door!

Another beach shot at La Jolla. The text was the title of a Cure song from the “Wish” album.
I think you truly can’t screw up a picture there, even if you tried. It’s like the grand canyon. It’s so beautiful, you can’t go wrong!
see below The point I’m trying to make is, next field trip, we should go some place nasty. And it’ll really flex or creativity.

2nd favorite shot

Lonely Tree

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