lato poker charity event

I volunteered to cover a charity poker event called “All-In”, hosted at the Commerce Casino. The charity is Love across the Ocean who helps children in Vietnam. It was a rough year, there was an decent turnout, but as I heard, there was nowhere nearly as large as last years. But people did turn out to give and that was the most important part. To sit in at the table was $350 dollars. Ouch, yes that’s pretty expensive! The shoot was interesting from a technical perspective, the lighting at the red carpet area was atrocious, and it was a long day. I think the one thing I did get out of it, was I can cover corporate events. I did it for my company, and though it’s boring work, it’s something I would consider doing if I lost my job or something.

Jackie Johnson a local weather reporter

Erik Aude – Actor

Brad Garret – Actor

Scott Elrod – Actor


Quinten Taratino’s father

Nadia Dawn – Actress

Tamara Braun – Actress


The entire Gang, including Leyna Nguyen KCAL news

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