holiday vaca and doing absolutely nothing

Ahhh…for once, I think it feels good to do absolutely nothing. I’ve taken the rest of the year off of work, so I’ve spent the past feel days just unwinding, and doing absolutely nothing. I’ve been catching up on some video games, doing a little reading, and watching some movies. Recently, I’ve watched Julia & Julia. It was my wife’s choice and at first I really wasn’t interested in it, but the movie grew on me. It was actually the first time I really took note of the cinematography. Not the landscapes, or anything, but particularly, the lighting.

Maybe it’s because most of the movies out there try to be dark and brooding for anyone to notice. Julie & Julia was was very well lit, and I’ve noticed it in a lot of scenes. To the point where I literally just stare at it in awe and fascination. Mostly what goes in my head during such scenes is, “Wow, this scene is very well lit!” or “whoa, that looks like a really nice photo, how did they light it that way?” The only way I can describe it is, it’s like a photography done very well from a technical point of view. Not necessarily the composition or the photo, but just the lighting of the faces or the clothes. I’m not sure if it’s just the combination of dynamic range and lighting, spurred on by the digital age where these things just couldn’t be done with traditional film? I don’t even have any idea how this particular film was shot (whether they used digital cameras or not), so I’m not even going to pretend to venture into that area, but it is my understanding that a traditional film is shot basically by cameras that must follow the same rules of lighting as regular 35mm film. The director of photography has to deal with the same lighting hassles, the same fstops and film speed, grain, etc. Only his/her job is exacerbated by the fact that people and things are constantly in motion in the scene. So kudos to them, and kudos to the fine technical work they’ve done. It actually almost inspired me to go out and take pictures again. Note the word ‘almost’. Heh, it’s waay to cold outside, and I’m still enjoying my ‘doing nothing’ moments. =)

On a different topic, my mom is throwing a holiday party in two days, so I’m looking forward to taking pictures (mostly of my dad), but it will be an opportunity for the family to get together and I guess I’ll whip out the good ole tripod to do family photos. Merry Christmas everyone!


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