stats and babies, oh my!

Woo, as of today 12-12-09, my flickr account has had 243,518 views. Not much in the whole scheme of things, but it’s big numbers to me!

Nothing much has been going on as of late. I’ve been uber busy with work. I called my dad today to wish him well. The conversation went something like this:
(translated to English from Vietnamese of course)

me: “Hi dad, how are you feeling?”
dad: “I’m good”
me: “I miss you, sorry I’ve been busy haven’t had a chance to see you”
dad: “You miss me? where do you put it when you miss me”
me: “In my heart of course!”
dad: (laughs) “good good”.

That was pretty much it, I wanted to be sure he was still following his exercise and therapy regime. He is still under 125lbs (56.7kilos) so the Dr refuses to do chemotherapy on him. So we’re waiting of him to gain some weight. He’s been given medicine to boost up his appetite.

So work was busy, but I’m glad I had time to take pics of a very cute baby “Paloma”, her parents visited from Spain these past weeks and booked a photo session. Initially it was postponed due to rain, but the Sat that we did it had some very cold weather. But I think we made it through ok.


I’m a sucker for dad photos with their kids. Fernando was carrying Paloma towards the photo site, and I pretty much walked beside them and grabbed this shot.




The shoot went on schedule at around the 1hr mark. Babies attention spans usually wear thin if you go any any further. Traditionally, I like to use natural lighting for the shoots. Flashes are distracting to the babies, and I doubt any good for their young eyes. I think at one point I had this teddy bear on top of my lens, just to try to get Paloma to laugh.

She didn’t fall for it, but I think the teddy bear did make my gigantoid camera look less menacing.


I think shooting young tots is akin to shooting pets. They’re very very unpredictable, and you can’t get any expression out of then. Since it’s so random, you pretty much have to have the camera on ready at all times. Or else you’ll miss a look or an expression that will occur only for a brief second, and it will be too late to capture it.

Also I think with kids, since they cry 60% of the time, it’s good to capture those moments as well. Because everyone has pictures of themselves as a kid smiling or looking cute, it’s the natural moments in life, where they’re crying or needing and wanting attention. Now that’s real life, and that’s what parents will cherish the most when they’re all grown up and eschewing their parents. Wanting to be dropped off a block away from school because they don’t want to be seen being taken to school by their mum or dad.

I remember I used to be very nervous the day before. I used to lose sleep over them, going through in my head in meticulous detail what shots I wanted, and how I intended to get them. I quickly realized things you plan very rarely works out in reality. So now I approach them like I would be any other day at work.

I analyze the environment, pick out the best spot given the conditions and just let things just happen. If need be, I’ll nudge things along. “try standing here, try standing there, lets do this”. The only pre-planning would be what camera and lenses to bring the day before. With short shoots, bringing too much equipment is a real burden. So I stuck with a simple two camera, 3 lens approach. I knew it would be outdoors, so a 70-200 for family portraits, and the rest would be closeup of the babies. (35mm, and 85mm)


“Mother is the name of God on the lips and hearts of all children.”

-The Crow


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