A 3 hr tour that became 7 hrs

Well here’s a pic of my dad on Sun when Chrissie, and my niece Rose visited him.  He was doing fine, he said he was a bit scared of going into surgery, but I think it simply had to be done. He was in good spirits, when they took him to the ICU a few days back, it was interesting. He was pretty much laying there in his bed, and he wasn’t sure if it was going to be the last time, so he kind of outlined his regrets in life.  He started to choke up and almost cry when he said that I should really try to get a long with my brother.  I promised him I would do so, it’s not that I don’t get a long with him, it’s just that his temperament and attitude makes it hard for people to get along with him.  Anyways, so I guess he was in a very contemplative sort of mood.


He looks quite chipper and with his beanie.  He’s wearing a  beanie because with the chemo and everything he started losing a lot of hair.  My goofy niece whom I love dearly drove down from the 909 (riverside) to visit him.

Today he went in at around 7am, for surgery to remove the three tumors in his head.  My mom got to see him before he went under, and she told me he said, “If I don’t come out of this…I wanted to say Thank you”.   Which I thought was very sweet of him.   They’ve been married for a gazillion years, and sometimes he drives her crazy, and she sometimes drives him bonkers, but at the end of the day, they are husband and wife, and they love each other, through thick and thin.    After waiting for a very long time, the Dr. came out and said it went well.  It took longer than expected because the big tumor was the size of a small fist, and he had to be really really careful around that area of the brain.   I think after 48 hrs in post op, I’ll officially declare him out of the woods.  He’s lost a bit of blood and requires a transfusion, but this is nowhere near like last time, where he was in septic shock, required dialysis, the whole nine yards.

Watch tower
We visited him in the ICU a few hrs after the operation.  He seemed somewhat alert, knew that Obama is the president, knows he’s in the hospital, etc.  He was fuzzy as to whether or not the surgery took place.   Note the gigantoid bandage behind his head in the pic below.


I think it went well, I hope he gets function back to his arms and legs after this.  The tumor was blocking and squishing other parts of his brain.   Wow, I’m really thankful there are people out there who pursue medicine, and even go as far up as neurosurgeon.  I mean, that is a long, tough road to travel, and if it weren’t for people who sacrifice themselves for that sort of work, people like my Dad wouldn’t be around today.   I was almost ashamed as to what I do for a living after being in that hospital for awhile.  I grabbed a volunteer pamphlet and emailed the lady there to see if I can do anything to help out.   

It’s just a very humbling feeling, when you’re surrounded by sick or dying people. Just earlier in the ICU waiting room, there was a very young lady there who was talking on the phone.  I couldn’t help but to listen in on the conversation, and she said her husband or brother (not sure what the relation is) had a massive heart attack.  What’s the catch?  He is only 31 years old.  Can you believe that?  It’s just insane, so I’ve had renewed interest in trying to volunteer again to something other than myself, to build up that karma.


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  1. As a parent and myself being a daughter, I’m really touched by your blog. I wish I had better way to tell you that your dad is in my thoughts and prayers always . Your dad saying “thank you” to your mom was really amazing, she is so lucky to have such a loving husband . {{hugs}} your doing great dealing with your dad’s illness. Just hang in there

  2. Thanks, you know what’s funny. Well I’m not a parent yet, but I know what you mean. Today when I went to visit my dad, he asked me if I was feeling well and if I’m in good health. I laughed. The man is laying in the ICU in the hospital bed and he’s asking if his son is ok, haha. Just like husbands have a different type of love for their wives, and vice versa, I guess there’s a special kind of love from a parent to their child. Both very different, and wonderful at the same time.

  3. You haven’t posted in awhile. How is your dad doing now?

    • Hi, thanks for asking. He’s doing ok. There are good days and bad days with this disease. At least he’s not in pain, I was just about to do a Thanksgiving Post! We all went to the hospital, wheeled him to the dining area and had our thanksgiving there. It was wonderful.

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