One more time but on our terms (sort of)

Surgery is a tricky subject, but this time around it was planned and scheduled, which is always a good thing.  The last time my dad was int he surgery room, it was most definitely a life and death procedure, and he was fighting for this life with a very low chance of survival.  This time, well, there’s still a 10% chance his heart could give out, but it’s something our family decided we needed to do.   As of 07:00 this morning, my dad went in for brain surgery to remove 2 tumors in his brain.  (One of which was pressing into the tissue causing weakness and loss of motor functions on his left extremities.  Radiation and Chemo didn’t really work to supress it, so surgery is our best option.  Last time when we knew about it, we were going to do surgery as well, but one of the doctors in the panel dissuaded us stating the risk to his heart.  (Of course he we later found out he is also a naysayer).   The primary Dr. who is in charge said it it was his dad, he would do the operation.  So that really assured us that it was the right thing to do.

I’ve visited him in the ICU and the day prior,  and I think I’ve made my peace.  It’s funny, in a way, as morbid as it sounds and I hope it never happens, but if it were to happen, and he was destined to go, I think I would rather it be in the operating room floor.  I’ve watched as my Aunt passsed away, and I know the mind shuts down in these matters, but it is still very painful it seems.  Whereas in surgery, you’re under anesthesia and to my best estimation, it would be as if you’ve passed in your sleep.  No long drawn good byes, there isn’t the waiting period between this world and the next.  So yeah, I think if I were to be able to talk to my dad right this instant.  I’d say, Thank you for being the most wonderful, smart, caring, nurturing man.  It’s been a blast, and I will do my best to make you proud.  See ya on the other side.”

And that would be it.   Anyways, so getting ready to head back into the hospital should anything arise.   Just wanted to remind everyone, we’re all on borrowed time.  Make it a good stay.


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