For the love of the game

I’ve been meaning to drive down to take pictures of just what’s out there for the longest time. But laziness mostly got in my way. I remember back in the day when I first got my camera, I would just take my car and go exploring O.C. I would just drive down to the Tustin marketplace to take pictures of the signs at night, take a cruise down random parks to try to find bugs. Then it all sort of stopped. I still like taking pictures, but the exploration and the drive to do it as a hobby simply stopped.
Today I told Chrissie I think I’ll just drive down to the beach and take some photos. I really can’t remember the last time I just wanted to go out and take pictures for the sake of doing it. So I’m really glad i got the chance to see the sun setting. It was really fun and liberating to just drive down PCH, park and walk around with a camera to take pictures.

The shot below I walked a little deeper into the waves to take a picture of this rock as the sun was setting. I brought along three lenses in a bag, and I’ve decided next time that’s a big mistake. I’ll just take one and not think about changing anything. I was more worried about the bag getting wet from the waves than the camera! The bag nor the lenses I had inside were not weather sealed, so it actually held me back. I was literally waste deep in water for this shot.

And to just explore nature and her little quirks. For instance this rock has a little target written on it. I should of kept it as a keepsake, but it really was there. It wasn’t some kid drawing on the rock with a marker.

As the sun was finally setting, I started to focus my attention the rocks. I was very curious about the reflections of the water. I knew I would have about 20-30 minutes of light left to do anything. So I kept on trying to take the reflection shots, but realized the sky didn’t have any clouds today. So there really wasn nothing to reflect.



But it was a very fun little excursion. I think the last time I was at this beach was when my friend Neil and I woke are butts up at 5AM to drive out to the beach to try to get a picture of the sunrise. Ahhh… maybe I’ll do that next time.


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