The Roaring 20’s….Sort of.

Well today was the first time in a long while that I actually got nervous before doing a shoot. I’ve never done a period piece before, so the probability of failure was slightly higher than normal. Then I got giddy because it’s been awhile since I got that nervous feeling before a shoot. I tried to get psyched up before we got into location. Guns and Roses was the obvious choice. I blasted Axl in the car on my way to the location. I am so stuck in the 80’s it’s not even funny.

The make-up portion went fine. I Wanted to thank Lisa Pilgrim, the MUA (Make Up Artist) for doing a fabuloso job. If anyone has make-up needs. You can contact her at She’s about $50 an hour. Very nice, very professional, and most importantly, she seems to know her craft.

Nothing new on my end. I’ve done numerous makeup/getting ready shots for weddings. I guess the big difference is this one was done at 15:00, instead of some insane hour like 07:00.

The entire makeup set can be seen here





Now off to the shoot! This was taken at Orange Circle. Normally I don’t like to re-use locations. Simply because
a) I’ve done them before and they get boring
b) I feel it’s unfair to my clients I take them to the same spots as my other clients.

Though I’d say it’s due more to artistic boredom and needing variety, rather than professional courtesy to the client. However, I ended picking up the Orange Circle location simply because it was one of the two areas that had a less modern feel to it (Old town Tustin was runner up). The entire set can be seen here:

I was very fortunate to have a model that doesn’t flinch when the camera is nearby. She took direction well, and also brought a few poses and looks to the table. Nothing worse than someone that just stands there and says, “now what”. I did come away with a few things, and that’s where all the experimenting came about. I tried shooting into the sun. Something I’ve avoided doing because it’s hard to execute properly.

My weakness is with poses. I should of done my research, and it was my fault for not coming into the shoot with a bit more period stances. But I have problems with the human form in general. I totally suck when the arms are raised. So I tried having the model do some of those poses for more practice (They obviously never made it out of the cutting room floor, so I clearly need to still work on that).

Also I really need to be more aware of neck lines and wrinkle lines. There were a few shots that were good, but I realized I had the neck contorted in a way that made it look funny (at least to me, and I’m my biggest critic) so the image was just cut, or heavily cropped. I think that’s one of the biggest differences between this and event photography. In events, I just hunt or wait for the moment and snap. An experienced shooter in this area anticipates when moments occur and be prepared for it to happen. Whereas this is slightly more contrived, and shots are literally, “lets try this, lets try that, pose here, stand there”. I don’t often do that during wedding/event photography. So an experienced shooter in this type of shooting lies in the fact that they’ve shot hundreds of times, done all the poses and knows what works and what doesn’t for the varying body-types. Essentially reactive vs proactive shooting. Different styles, different skill-sets involved.






The shot above I ended up liking a lot after the fact. The lighting was perfect. Despite the fact that she looks more like a native American in this shot with the feather. Which is why we scrapped the feather on the head for the red dress.

“Through the looking glass”. One of my favorite shots of the day. It looks like it could come from the era.



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