Good Bye

Wanted in my own little way to say good bye to my Aunt. She is the 5th daughter of my grandfather, and is basically laying in her death bead. Which should be coming very soon. She’s been in a coma for the past few days without food or water and is 91 years old. She was born pretty much when the “Great War” ended. Imagine that, nearly living for nearly a century, and seeing all the innovations of the modern age. I want to thank her and her husband for sponsoring us to go to this country. All my pictures of me when I was a kid was visiting their house. Since we were pretty much dirt poor, it was the first time I’ve seen a Christmas tree, and everything that came along with it. I used to envy and marveled at the presents underneath their tree, and stare in endless fascination at the colorful lights that adorned the outside of their home. It’s kind of sad. My mom and dad went to visit them. I think if I have time I would like to go as well. Maybe tomorrow (if she is still with us).
My mom said my uncle, when he gets sad, just lays there next to his wife. Even though she can’t hear/see him, he finds comfort in laying next to her while he still can, and I thought that was so sad and sweet. He’s about 79 years old himself. It’s just going to be an unfun year. Everyone of my relatives that I knew growing up are all in their late 70’s. Oye Vie. Well, If I don’t get to see her tomorrow, I do hope that the goes peacefully. She did state prior to being in this condition, that her wishes were to not continue on if she’s in a vegetative state and can’t function, so the family is respecting her wishes.

Pictured below is a 7yr old version me, and my aunt and uncle, and their nephew Sean. I was the one with the fashionable red pants looking cool against the railing.
You know, I never really knew her name. I always referred to her as Aunt #5 and Uncle #5. I do know their last names were Pham though =)

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