2 yrs later

So I’m probably about 80% complete on principal photo selection for my album. I’ve decided on a vendor (KISS albums). They’re a tad more expensive to print but since this is my own wedding album, I guess I have to splurge just a little. It’s really weird looking back at the photos. My dad was really chubby back then! He had rosy cheeks! And it was really cool just seeing my friends all there, and generally thankful and glad that they could make it. Despite some weather difficulties, I think the whole thing went off pretty well.

And if you ever get to experience one first-hand. You’ll quickly realize that the day goes by really really fast. And you’re pretty exhausted by the end, so it took a good 2 years for me to finally get my act together and revisit my own wedding day, and I’m glad I did. Maybe it just took awhile because I wanted to distance myself from the event, to go back to it with a more objective point of view. But as I’ve discovered, seeing as the pictures that I’m selecting isn’t merely an event that I’ve photographed, like countless others. It’s my own actual event! So I think that precludes any form of objectivity.

But I digress. So as I’m going through the pictures, it did make me want to relive it to some extent. I’d say the day was rather fun! (despite the fact I didn’t get to drink, eat, or try the coffee bar). Anyways, I encourage you all to go back to your own wedding photos and relive your memories. Who knows, it may even bring a smile.


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