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I had a odd yet pleasant dream yesterday. Odd because as sucky as college was (at the time), in hindsight, it was really fun. Well yesterday, I came home from work rather tired so I pretty much just passed out in bed. I then was awoken to an alarm clock and realized I didn’t sign up for any of my classes for senior year, and if I didn’t get to the campus to take my remaining classes I wouldn’t graduate. So I drove t the campus, said hi to my roomates Tuyen & Hung, then sped off around on my skakeboard around the campus. The dream was interesting though, when you’re there in the present you don’t notice any of the little details. Maybe it’s not that you don’t know it, you don’t really appreciate it. This time around, with my current perspective, as I was putzing around the campus, I took note of the bricks, the architecture. I had my camera with me in my dream, so I was taking all sorts of pictures and just enjoying the scenery. So when I woke up, needless to say I was discombobulated. I wondered what year it was, whether or not I really do need to get to class. Then I realized oh….It’s been 9 yrs after college, and I’m at work now, dealing with sick parents, family and former friends deaths. *sigh* Maybe I’ll find an excuse to take a trip back to campus to check it out and take pics.

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  1. I constantly have dreams that I’m back in college, nearing my graduation when suddenly I realize that I don’t have enough credits to graduate! The anxiety comes from not just not being to graduate but having to tell my parents. I get this dream every few months. I heard it’s common but I still don’t really understand what it means.

  2. lol, well that’s not nearly as bad as when you’re a senior, and going through tons of mock interviews and interviews, and getting no responses, and the fear of having to tell your parents you’ve spent a lot of money going to college to not be able to find a job to pay it off afterwards. Now that’s more of a reality situation than trying to interpret the dream =) Ive been in those shoes, and let me tell ya. The stress and anxiety I wouldn’t want to put on anyone.

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