My mom, dad, and I went to the beach. You know, come to think of it, the last time we were together at the beach was when I took a trip with them down to Mexico! That was in March of 2004!
dad with a large coconut

Yup a biiig difference between then and now huh. Well today marked the first time he got out of the house and (well aside from being in an ambulance), drove around. We took him to Hungtington beach. Parking was awful because it was a beautiful day out, but ahhh, the joys of a handicap parking permit. We just pulled right up and w00t! No fighting for parking spaces. We didn’t stay too long, just enough for him to get the breeze and some UV goodness. I guess it’s good to know his brain function is still in tip top shape. I think his heart stopped and he had no oxygen to his brain for a few seconds, and the time they loaded him up with morphone where he was confused and didn’t know where he was, scared the pants out of me. But he still remembers all his streets. He’s a glorified GPS, after you cross street X, you’ll hit street Y. Heh, I always feel silly next to him, but I guess that’s why he’s ‘Dad’, and I’m ‘son’. heh. They usually know best.

Yipppy to 2009. Here’s to 2010


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