Daily Pic Challenge

Well not much to add. It was a busy work week, and on top of that my friend Neil and thought it would be interesting to do a daily picture challenge. Which officially starts tomorrow! Chrissie and I thought it would be cool to kick it off since she’ll be free on Sat morning, so we’re going to try to wake up early in the morning so I can catch a sunrise.

I think it’s been great so far. I’ve forced myself to take or try shots that I’ve been meaning to do but too lazy to implement. And also I’m taking walks and exploring my surroundings again, just like I used to do waaay back in the day when I first got my camera. I just drove around looking for things to shoot, and I think to some extent, when I started doing it professionally it became less fun. But I think the challenge is a good opportunity to hone your skills. Experiment, and have fun!
I have a few zany ideas I’ve been wanting to try out, and i’ve finally dusted off my macro lens. Most of the shots below were taking with a 100mm macro.

Up till now we’ve been doing practice runs. Here were my entries for the past week.

Ipod. Think Organic
Splashes of Blue<br
Purple Sunshine
Twilight Fades


About greenbeanfx

Photography is what I do =) If you wish to contact for a photoshoot, send me an email or comment on a blog with your info and I'll get back

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  1. Nice pics. Also like the new theme.

  2. thnx. yeah the old theme cropped my pics so this new one gives it a bit more room

  3. Bored?!? You obviously need to get out and challenge yourself. Put the white box away!

  4. I know…problem is by the time I get home….it’s dark! few days there’s some light when I get home but then I get lazy and eat dinner haha.

  5. Why don’t you get out at lunch? That’s what we mostly do. You could also get up early and do some morning pics 😉

  6. because i’m a freak…and eat in at lunch n do work. =)

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