War of the Worlds…the martians have invaded!

Ok, not really. That’s what I thought it would feel like when I went in for a colonoscopy today. Yes, that pictures makes it look rather uncomfortable. And my friend Danny just told me the horror stories of the size of the tube and the huge jars of KY jelly involved while he was working in the hospital. I can tell all you ‘guys’ right now, the worse part is the prep. Liquid diets, no solid foods. I thought I was going to be the unlucky 10% who get to stay awake during the procedure, but the intravenous sedative a cocktail of diazepam and something else I think literally knocked me out in less than 10 seconds. The next thing I knew, they woke me up in the recovery area, and no my tush DID NOT feel all slimy from KY! I can tell you right now the worse is the day prior when you couldn’t eat.

My lovely wife took a half day to give me a ride there, and I’m glad she was there to pick me up. There is a reason why the Dr. said I couldn’t drive myself. Apparently I was babbling and stumbling, and running into things when I was done. She also told me the Dr. showed her a picture of my bumm from the inside out. Haha, now that’s love. When your significant other has seen you from the inside =) I also asked the prior to the procedure if I could go to work after wards, and alas, I now know why they said no. After you babble and stumble your way out of the hospital (actually they wheel-chaired me out) you go home and knock out for another good 3 hours. I think people with insomnia should try to get some of the stuff they gave me.

Well the good news is my colon got a somewhat clean bill of health. The Dr. did tell me I needed more fiber in my diet, a lot more. Plus liquids (which I don’t do), so I’ll be changing my eating habits, and will see them in another 10 years! W00t! As an aside, I sort of cheated and I think I lost 5lbs due to this, so bruhaha. 5lbs more to go! for my weight loss goal.


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