Ip Mon

Well it’s been a good long while since I had a relatively lazy weekend. I spent it watching a movie caled Ip Mon. If it sounds familiar to some people, he was Bruce Lee’s master, aka Yip Man. The film was loosely based on his life, obviously with things embellished. What I did get out of the movie though was well, war sucks. During the second Sino-Japanese war, a lot of atrocities were committed I’m sure from both fronts. But it was fascinating. The Japanese didn’t dare use biological weapons against the westerners during WWII, due to the Versailles peace treaty after WWI and the Hague Convention, however against the Chinese whom they thought were an inferior race, the Japanese pretty much let loose some pretty wicked stuff. Fleas dropped on provinces containing the bubonic plague, and toxic gases were used as well during some battles. What saddens me is I’m sure future wars will involve crazy biological weapons as well, if not worse. We seriously need to all take a chill pill when it comes to not killing each other, but alas. I guess it’s in our nature.

The movie did touch base on some of those details. What was most interesting was the fact that watching him kick butt made me want to start exercising and looking after my health. The thing about good movies, or even a fascinating book. Sometimes they can be inspiring! I hope this burst of inspiration lasts longer than a week though. I really did start to let myself go this past few years. I’m at a buck sixty now, and I can most assuredly guarantee you that it’s mostly comprised of fat cells. If you guys have a chance to netflix it, it’s a pretty decent flick. It isn’t like these newfangled action movies with high wires and jumping around like insane acrobats.

But back to my goal of losing 10 lbs and getting some semblance of definition back. Tomorrow I’m going to take a picture of my fat upper torso, and post it. It’ll be like those silly ‘get buff’ in 3 weeks ads that you see in those muscle magazines, only this time, the person will be me, and no I will not have a ripped body with a fantastic tan, as my picture on the right. I’m sure I’ll be pasty pale as ever, only hopefully I won’t be as fat. And if I fail, it’ll be a somewhat public failure. (By public, I mean the 5 readers that actually read my blog). So that will further my drive to achieve this goal. What better way to fail or succeed than throwing yourself out there. I think I’ll take a milestone every 1.5 weeks, with an upper bound of 3 months. I figure if I can’t lose 10lbs in 3 months, then I just deserve to be put out of my misery.


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