I’ll take Two! please….

So my mom and I had a little private chat at the hospital today, discussing the future…We’d like to try to get my dad home if he recovers…they want to transfer him to another hospital, and a longer term care facility, but we think home + nurses may be the way to go for all our sanity sake. However the problem is he continues to bleed and lose blood, and the Dr’s won’t go in again for surgery because this time they really think his body won’t take it. Last time, they had no choice. But now that he’s somewhat better, they do have a choice, and their choice is there’s nothing medically they can do further..just give him antibiotics, hope he heals, and as they put it. He’s in the ‘waiting’ period….and well, we all know what he’s waiting for…however, today he’s in good spirits…he’s feisty and asked about a few things…and he even asked me to lean in closer so that he can give me a kiss. Well, I was pretty stoked that he even has enough energy for that, so I asked for seconds!

It’s funny, I did kiss his forehead and took a deep breath, and he had this smell…it’s like that old person’s smell, I can’t describe it, but I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. It really invoked memories of my grandfather. It was a pleasant smell…funny, I find that smell much better than flowers. The smell of flowers really gets me sad…contradictory, I know… But everytime I smell flowers, I just think of funerals. It’s because I was young and my first wake was when my grandfather passed away (during 6th grade). I was his favorite grandson, so it really impacted me a lot as a kid, so now every time I smell flowers, that thought always crosses my mind.

Also, in other news…I’m published! yaay..well it’s an e-zine, but they do have printed magazines that they do print, and I believe they’re planning to run the story in it, so I’ll be sure to pick up a gazillion copies when it’s done. Sorta like my picture that someone put on their calendar that’s hanging in my cubicle at work. It’s always extra sweet when you’re printed, or your work appears somewhere.
here’s a link to the story:

earthwalkers magazine

And yeah I had an interesting weekend. I really had the chance to talk to my older step brother….for the first time..well, in my life. I actually have 3 stepbrothers, but in an attempt to escape Vietnam awhile back, we lost one of the brothers. And I always heard that we did, but I never quite got the real story behind it. So I asked him and, needless to say, it was a gripping story for another blog day. And he also told me stories about how he escaped this prison, that I swear sounded like it could come from a movie or a novel, but it took place in real life. I took notes and will have to write about his story some day as well. Needless to say, I actually respected the guy afterwards.


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