Not to get too sentimental. but wow. I think today though, I can add to my list of firsts. As you know, dads, especially Asian dads, rarely express any emotions, so I’ll kiss my dad on the cheek and vice versa or give him a hug. Lately every since he was diagnosed with Cancer I’ve been telling him that I love him every chance I get. (This is a recent thing, I remember a few years back, if not more it was just one of my resolutions to just ‘say it’. Even though at first it feels awkward, since…well, it’s never really said! My friend Neil actually was the one that said, ‘just say it’ a few years back, and I guess I took his advice to heart!
Anyways, so today, It was about 11. We had just transferred my dad to a seperate facility, ironically near the place we used to live in Santa Ana. Let me tell ya, it was very nostalgic driving by the old neighborhood. I told him it’s past 11:00, and I’m a bit tired so I’m gonna go home now. And he looked up at me, and kind of choked up a bit, and said, “poor Nghia, I love you very much”. I was floored! Like wow, what an amazing moment. I don’t think he’s said I love you to anyone! (well maybe my mom, but she doesn’t quite count). It definitely took me by surprise, and I replayed it a few times as I was driving home. Soo cool!

Now don’t try this at home kids. You know how they banned talking on cell phones in CA, then text messaging. I guess the next thing they should ban is taking pictures while driving! =)
I followed behind the emt’s as they transferred him to the other place. It’s a care facility, but not as intense as a hospital. To be honest, I think it’s lame. But I think insurance was hurting (an emergency room, two weeks in the ICU, 3 days in hospital, and 3 surgeries). They said that now he’s better he has to go to this other place. You can totally tell by the equipment and pumps, and rooms that it’s most definitely of ‘lesser’ quality equipment. I hope the care is just the same, and I’ll find out tomorrow. But there’s no other choice at this juncture.


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