Happy new Years Indeed

Yaay they released my dad outside of the ICU, so that means he’s in a normal room and mostly out of danger, so I’m downgrading back to from DefCon 1 to Defcon 4.
my Uncle Bac Phuc flew in last week and has been visiting my dad almost every day as well. It’s a bit easier to bring a camera into a regular room, so I was a bit free to move about and composing my shots.

A brother's love

My dad’s now on roughly 1milligram of Dilaudid every four hours. Which technically is a hydromorphine, or an alternative to morphine. That coupled with regular morphine was really what screwed up his mental state and got him really confused. But he’ll have to be on it until his stomach heals more. I’ve seen the stitches. phew, they aren’t pretty looking.

Took this handheld on a 5D with a 35mm lens. ISO 800. I really dig the lights above him, it looks like he’s being watched over by a higher power in this pic.
A New Year

For those of you who are accustomed to the hospital settings, I took a pic of this. I really dug the blue slightly lower temperatured pic (bluish), that illustrates how cold a hospital can be. Not in terms of room temperature, but just that sterile feeling. Everyone’s sick or suffering around you. I can’t quite describe it (well aside from it being sucky).

and lastly here’s the equipment shot. These monitors aren’t as sensitive nor sophisticated as the ones in the ICU. The 97 is his spO2 or oxygen saturation leve, and the 94 is his current heart rate per minute.

But at least they don’t freak me out every 10 seconds. In the ICU, they measured his heart pretty well, so every so often you can tell that it skipped or missed a beat, or that there are multipe PVC’s or (Pre-Ventricular Complexes). Which essentially means his heart isn’t all too healthy. He has early or extra heart beats. Coupled with the previous tachycardia (super hyper heart beats), his heart isn’t in too great of a shape. The Dr. says it’s operating at about 20-30% capacity (compared to 50% in a normal person). So he’s going to cut back on his favorite thing. (fish sauce, salt, soy sauce)…the whole sodium thing just isn’t going to fly anymore. Which I think cuts out Pho! Noooooo Phoo?!?! I know…I know….it’s inconceivable!

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