Dad is doing better. Thankfully they identified the main bacteria that’s causing havoc on his system. Good thing is Dr’s have seen these scenarios before, and historically the shotgun approach to anti-biotics works. When the strain was identified, they said oh the drug ‘x’ that we already put him on is designed to whack this type of strain.
He still has a fever of 107, and is swollen, but his body seems to be fine. They are going to take him to surgery tomorrow I think one last time, to open him up again and clean him up, as well as inspect him to see if there are any necrotic portions that spread to his lungs or heart. But once that’s done and IF there is no spread of that bacteria, and if he again lasts through surgery (this is minor thankfully), then the final step before he can leave the dreaded woods is when they ween him off his crazy heart medication to stabilize him now. His heart has to be strong enough to do it on it’s own. Otherwise, it’s not going to be pretty. They can’t keep this heart medicine on forever, as it really was designed to stabilize and force the heart to have at it some more. And that can only work for so long. It’ll sorta be like you running full bore sprint, and you’re really really tired. All you want to do is sit down, walk or crawl. But then then someone takes you and drags you back to jogging speed again on a chain.

What’s interesting is the ICU and the waiting room itself. Today I asked the nurse what happened to patient 28 was she discharged? She was nice and her daughter was always there. Well the nurse told me she was gone this morning. And in ICU terms, gone is a euphemism for ‘gone off the planet’ gone. Not out of the ICU ward. So that totally sucked, but so far there were 3 gone patients in the week that I’ve been in the ICU. I hugged a guy that lost his mom the other day. And today while I was waiting in the waiting room, there was a huge asian group, basically their story was their mom’s body was so riddled with cancer, she’s suffering, and all the brothers got together and decided, as much as they love their mom, they do not want her to suffer. So after the doctors fight off this infection she has, they want to extubate her from her artificial lung, and have her go in peace. Boy was that a heavy family meeting. And here I am sitting there waiting, playing with my DS.. (I think about half way, I closed it and put it away out of pure respect. here they are facing a huge family crises, and some asshole in the corner is playing video games! (well at least i had no sound). But yeah, intense stories. You really want to appreciate life? get close to death. I think after my dad gets out of the hospital, i’m gonna run around take pictures of sunsets and beaches. Just go do it, laziness holds me back, but there really is no excuse to not do what you enjoy doing.


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