christmas x 10^10

So I feel like running around jumping for joy and doing good deeds for the remainder of my life. You remember those christmas mornings when you’d wake up and see all these presents under your tree? Then you spot the biggest box, and you are shocked because the label on it has your name on it? Well take that times 10000000000, and that’s how I feel now. My dad survived and beat the 30% odds of surgery. Now I just hope the bacteria stays away and that when they ween him off his heart medication, that it can beat on its own.
So it all started on wed. when I took my dad to the ER. He was bleeding a lot…and they all thought ohh the warfaren(Coumadin). So they just kept us waiting and waiting…finally like 4hrs later, we get to go into a room, and drs took a look…oh it’s just this ooh it’s just that. finally like a day later, a dr. really saw him and realized..nope..something is wrong, go into surgery. Turns out, putting him in the ER on wed saved his life. His colon was necrotic. I guess (my speculation) was the chemo and experimental drugs to restrict blood flow to the cancerous area did too well of a job and killed part of his large intestines, causing it to just be bad juju inside his body.

The dr operated but his vitals were too low, plus he had sepsis due to the necrotic portion just causing havoc around the surrounding tissue and eventually poisoning his blood. So they stopped surgery, and put him in the ICU (intensive care unit) for observation until they could finish. Well, one major side effect of sepsis is your pulse jumps to like 150 or higher. On Friday, his pulse was 196 going above 200. If you’re 76 yrs old, your heart can’t take that. Heck..if you’re 21 yrs old your heart can’t take that for pro-longed periods of time. So at 8:02 Friday morning, his heart stopped. They called code blue, whipped out the defibs and jump-started it. That was when they called and told all family to come in. If this keeps up he won’t last a few days.

That was very scary…the next day (sat) his heart rate was still at 140, 120..skipped a few beats, etc. It was no good, and I didn’t say good-bye. I didn’t want him to give up hope. He couldn’t talk at that point, but I think he could listen so I told him I love him, and thanked him for working so hard and he’s the bestest(yes I’m aware bestest is not a word) dad in the whole wide world. Well Sunday he stabilized somewhat, but Dr.s put him on dialysis and breathing tubes, and all sorts of drugs to keep his blood pressure from dropping too low. Monday, it was decision time. They need to go in to operate and clean up his stomach. If they don’t. The survival rate is zero. if they operate, there’s a chance with his age, cancer, body being worn down, heart, etc.that he won’t survive. There was a 30% chance of survival, so the choice was simple. 0 or 30. We took the 30. And it was the longest hr and a half of my life, but I was surprisingly calm through it. I think i made my peace and prepared for the worse. If the Dr. came out too soon, then that means bad news. If he took too long in surgery, that is also bad news. So we waited..and waited.

Well the Dr. came out and said he cleaned up the area good. And he’ll leave it open to make sure the bacteria that eats away at tissue doesn’t get to his heart and lungs. For tonight, he is stable and in good condition. But he does not know what tomorrow may bring. If the week ends and he’s doing good, then he may be out of the ‘near death’ woods. Because his body can’t take another septic shock. So I’m very grateful and thankful. All the nurses were very kind. I offered them all free photography to thank them for helping my dad. And I made a promise to myself to donate blood. They gave him a ton of blood, and if it wasn’t for the blood banks to have it available, then he wouldn’t be around. So figured time to give back.

My story was good…man that ICU waiting room…I think you can just write a tv show on it, there’s so much drama. I pretty much slept there, so for a few days I knew everyone there that came and went. Their stories, etc. One guy was there with me, but he eventually lost his mother. I hugged him and shook his hand. He wished me and father luck. Another couple, well their family was there. Some guy had an accident and is leaving behind 2 kids, 8 and I think 3. When my dad came out of surgery, there was a priest there and I went oh ‘shit’ is that for my dad and us? but it turns out it was for that family because he wasn’t doing too well. There are just a ton of stories and people, and it’s like wow. These dr’s and hospital staff work around the clock. It’s crazy!

But I wanted to thank all my friends and coworkers who were very understanding.


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